Monday, February 23, 2015

Beauty: Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss me Moisturizing Lippies in Style Icon and Honeymoon Glow

Hello Beauties! Back to blogging again! Anyways, i just want to share with you guys my latest addition, Happy Skin lippies!!! First I have a confession to make, nowadays i am more into loving nude shade lippies than pink shade lippies! You heard'em right!
After years of collecting lippies that are into barbie shades like MAC Please me, Nicki Viva Glam, Pink Nouveau and more, now my love turned into nude lippies like MAC brave, shy girl etc...

Enough of all the rants. Well proud Filipina here! Happy Skin is filipino owned cosmetic line. Though in the blogosphere i know they are now making noise and I might be too late for this buzz but I know my addiction to makeup always finds its way 😊

Hence, my two nude lippie shades from Happy Skin!

 Presenting two of my of my favorite shades: Honeymoon glow(above) and limited edition Stylized collection in Style Icon (by Liz Uy).

What i love most about Happy Skin Lippies is that as soon as it glides on your lips, your lips feel moisturized in an instant. Maybe because of the shea butter content plus the fact that it also a balm on its own. I remember putting this on my lips when I felt like a little crack on my lips due to dehydration and forgot to bring lip balm with me. A swipe of this lippie really helped my lips to feel moisturized that time.

With the price of 499, compared to MAC Lipsticks, you can buy 2 Happy skin lippies to 1 equivalent MAC lipstick. Nice steal right?

I used this in one of my makeup gigs and I can say that this lipstick last up to 4 hours on my clients lips. The effect is really kissable lips!

Here to swatches..Upper: Style Icon , Lower: Honeymoon Glow

STYLE ICON- paler. Peachy pink nude which I lov
Doesnt look pale when worn...Has a hint of pink which is just right to look fresh.  Perfect with smokey eyes.

HONEYMOON GLOW - Very natural looking shade of lipstick but a little more deep in color compared to Style Icon. This is perfect for my lips but better lipstick! Love it!

There you go! Happy skin can be purchased on Beauty bars, plains and prints.

Happy skin is love!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Beauty: MAC All Fired Up Lipstick

Hi Beauties! Finally another beauty blog post! To all my readers who are in the Philippines, have you watched the "English Only Please" movie where Jennylyn Mercado's makeup was really superb. After I watched the movie, I instantly gravitated to one of the scene where she wears this pink-red shade of lipstick and paired it with no eyeshadow makeup.. That lippie was really the center of my attention that time. My makeup enthusiasm really jumped off and I was in a hurry to know what's that lippie!

Finally someone posted a question from FB group of makeup artists(which i'm a member) if what Jennylyn's lippie in that movie. See? I am not the only one interested.. To cut the story short, almost all of them answered it is MAC's All Fired Up Lipstick in Retro Matte. Thus I was drawn to having this lippie!

MAC All Fired Up is a bright Fuschia Red Matte Lipstick which can easily brightens everyone's face with just a swipe! This is gonna be my fave MAC matte lipstick after the relentlessly red(my fave!).

Here's a swartch of this lippie and below is the actual lipstick once applied. For those who are not a big fan of loud-colored lipstick this might be too bright for you. But for me who loves wearing both nude and bright colored lipstick, this one is just one for the keeps! I love it.

Just don't forget to moisturize the lips prior to application if you have dry, chapped lips. A swipe of this lippie and your good to go!

Till our next makeup bonding session! Cheers!

Monday, December 22, 2014

TRAVELS: 2 Newly Married Couple in Boracay

This blog has been quiet for a long time now. I have been busy with preps for my wedding which actually happened last month! I am till now astonished on how this has impacted my life. New place to live in, more time with the husband since we are living on the same house now and also more time on the Home/Appliances Store than Makeup store :-)

Nevertheless, this changes really made me a happy wife! I love how we adjust just to make sure we wont have a major fight as a new husband and wife.

Just wanna share with you our vacation in Boracay! I know i have posted a lot of my previous travels in Boracay but this is one is different since its now Official! We travel as a married couple now and still the after effect of this fairy tale was still in us! So this trip is really a special one :-)

I now present to you the beautiful island of Boracay!

Though we do visited this place thrice now, we will never gonna get tired of visiting this place again. The clarity of the water is just amazing.. The sand are super fine. We love how the place was maintained though more establishments are now in the area. Hope this will not ruin this paradise on earth.

This time around we didn't have any activities in this island like fly fish, banana boat etc. We just love how we can just lay on the shore and see the beauty of this place before our eyes. Enjoying is the scenery and have some quality time with your loved ones is still the best activity for me to do in this island. Hope to see you soon Boracay! Our first travel as Husband and wife!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Makeup Workshop

I am proud to present to you my dear readers, my Makeup workshop this Sept 27, 2014! Come join me!

Reserve your slots now!

For only, 1000 pesos, you can learn all of these! Since now is the start of "ber" months, events are just coming! (Christmas Party, New Year's Eve Party, Reunions etc). Better be ready to do your own makeup!

Reserve your slots as this is limited seats event. SEE YOU ALL SOON.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Hi Readers! If you are an avid reader of this blog, you will noticed why I haven't updated this blog for the longest time now. The reason why is I've been doing makeup class every weekend. High Definition Makeup it is!

You can now use #MakeupByVanRenolla

Here are some of my makeup models:

Should you wish to book me as your MUA for weddings, debut, media, print ad, events.feel free to contact me!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beauty: MAC Strobe Cream

Hello Ladies!!Back to blogging again!

For those who are reading my previous posts, you will know how i love dewy makeup look! I am fascinated whenever I see those korean pop stars who always have that illuminating skin.

A vain spirit in me again relive!! Introducing MAC Strobe Cream...At first I don't know what this cream is for? But due to my researching skills, I found out that this is what I am looking for!

Mac Strobe Cream

MAC Strobe is a moisturizer. packed with fruit extracts and anti oxidants. This can be used before you put in the foundation. It can also be used as a highlighter on your face.

It is kinda pricey though. This cost me 1800Php which I think is a splurge. The MUA dabbed this on my cheeks using stippling and I was sold after I saw the effects on me! 

An ample amount of the Mac Strobe Cream

Tried to spread it out but It doesn't look good on the photos

In the picture, it has white casts but it will fade eventually and will turn into pearl-like luminance on your face.

 My verdict overall is:
  • It stands to what it promises
  • it can be combined with your foundation for the dewy effect
  • It is not suitable for those with oily skin
  • Perfect during cold days to retain moisture on the skin
  • pricey though
I will use this on my future makeup gigs!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fashion: Friday Madness

I know, my recent posts were all dedicated to fashion. I don't why but my love for fashion surpass my love for makeup. I love makeup but I am now love just keeping the basics with makeup. My internet most frequent visits are now on fashion blogs! So please keep on reading my blog though its now becoming a fashion blog. Nevertheless, will post makeup posts soon!

For this look, since here in Manila we are now experiencing rainy season so I opt for more comfy get-up. The thing i love this outfit is the denim jacket I incorporated with a simple pink pants.

Denim jacket is a very versatile piece. You can pair it with a dress for a more summer look. Or during cold days with skinny pants.

Please hype this look on lookbook:

Till next fashion session!


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