Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beauty: Bloggers United

Though I am not a big fan of attending bazaars, there was this one bazaar that is worth sharing with you guys..Held at World Trade Center for a bazaar for the the Holidays, me and bf went to do some shopping for gifts. So while roaming around, I was fascinated to see that there is allocated space for the Fashion Bloggers Kiosks for second hand clothes! More than the clothes itself, I really was excited to see them in the flesh since I only got to see them thru fashion blogs.

First of is to finally meet Ms, Camille Co of 
The blog is more of presenting clothes in such a stylish way, worn actually by the author itself. BF was at first asking why i was so excited, told him i'm a fan of her blog and the answer was a face fll of questions. Haha. Maybe because he's a guy and not fond of fashion blogs Of course!

So this is some of the pictures BF took for the Blogger United Event!

Though the event name implies Bloggers United and I'm a blogger myself, the event is for the fashion bloggers who are selling their used clothes, shoes, accessories at a much lower price to halp charities / donations for the spirit of christmas. How cool is that? Giving back is such a heroic deed. Thumbs Up!

 With Ms. Camille Co! She's a fashion blogger, designer and also a model.She was really kind to have me with this picture! Not snobbish! Oh I really love her fashion style!

This is Ms. Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer who also has her stalls on this event. She was tall too like Camille, or maybe I'm wearing flats and she was wearing high heels. Her smile is really cute and her dress is stylish.

 See how many people raved for this event. Although we went there last day I think for the event, but there were still clothes, accessories and shoes to choose from.

Other bloggers I saw in there were, Vernice Enciso who is very pretty, Sophie Uy, David Guison etc. Those who are readers of fashion blogs can relate to me! haha. I want to see kryz uy or laureen uy but they were not there but still seeing other bloggers made me excited.

Till next post guys! Mwaaahhh..


  1. nice... i wanted to be there too kaso out of budget ako.

  2. me too karen! hahaha. nagpapicture lang. Thanks for the comment



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