Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beauty: Do-It-Yourself Whitening Extract/Solution

Living in the Philippines has its own perks, you can enjoy the beach all year long since we are composed of 7,107 islands. We are bestowed with the blessings of natural resources one of which are our trees that bear fruits that is highly world class. That's why we make the most out of the fruit, may it be in the kitchen, as a medicine,and as part of the beauty routine.

Calamansi is a citrus fruit which is associated with Mandarin orange or sweet orange. Its alkalinity properties can be used for whitening or bleaching purposes. Thus some of the bleaching soap or beauty soap being sold in the market has "calamansi extract" added on its content. Even there is such a thing as calamansi soap now in the market.

Enough of a very long introduction about the calamansi fruit.:-) Well, here's the thing. I usually post about makeups, drugstore products that are available in the market. However, I realized that maybe I should post about using natural products? Why not right ?  So I have come out with this very first post on using Calamansi extract for vain ladies out there!

Oh my dilemma was, I used this super commercially endorsed deodorant for a couple of weeks and I started to notice how it changes the color of my armpit. So my very kikay (vain) mother recommended calamansi extract which she used in her teenage years. All i need was to cut the calamansi fruit into half, get the extract and put it evenly on my armpit.
I do this drastically everyday before I take a bath. I let is stay for 5 minutes then I bathe after.

Note: No intention of creating negative feed backs on the whitening products in the market since I haven't use them (those for armpit.

So for recap. Here is the step by step procedure on how to use calamansi solution for whitening.

1. Cut the calamansi fruit into half.
2. Get the extract.
3. Put evenly on your darkened areas.
4. Let is stay for 5 minutes before you rinse that off.
5. Do this everyday before you bathe.

That would all for now ladies! More natural/organic beauty discoveries soon!

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