Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beauty: NARS Workshop with Magda Ogbe

NARS has become one of my favorite brand aside from MAC since I started my love for makeup. This iconic brand has become one of the celebrities go-to brand for its super renowned 'orgasm' blush which really become a hit. I remember, my very first purchase in Nars was it's cult fave blush which is the NARS Orgasm blush, and the next thing I know, I purchased the Schiap Lipstick and Orgasm Illuminator.

Enough of how I got familiar with this brand.haha. I got to make friends with its Store Makeup Artists thus I was always invited if an International MUA visits Manila from time to time. This is actually my 2nd time to attend the workshop however the first time I came late so I was not able to actually complete the whole workshop.


Magda Ogbe, NARS International Makeup has worked hand in hand with Francois Nars (The person behind the NARS brand) during New York Fashion Week. She also worked with the models for Marc Jacobs. She also done makeups for Hollywood stars like Mandy Moore.

Let's go back to the actual workshop, Magda taught us how to create smokey eye look without the raccoon looking eyes. The limited edition NARS eyeshadow palette is what she used. This is right after she put in the face foundation, concealer and NARS Eye  primer. 

Some key points of this workshop are: (the things I remember)

  • There's nothing wrong with pairing smokey eyes with loud color lipstick 
  • It is very important to groom the brows, it really makes a big difference with the overall look
  • It is important to use primer prior to putting in the foundation since this will make the pores look smaller and makeup the foundation looked so flawless
  • Use waterproof eye liner to avoid the raccoon eyes
  • You can use a cream blush and put powder blush over the cream blush to make the blush stays longer.
  • Don't put eyeliner under the eye if you're gonna wear smokey eyes during daytime. (For work)
  • You can put eye liner on the lower lash line if its night time.
  • It is very important to put moisturizer prior to primer.
  • You don't always need to use brushes on applying foundation, hands can do the trick.
  • If you don't have dark eyeshadow, you can use the pencil eyeliner. draw some line at the back of your hand. use brush to smudge it and use the remaining on color on your brush as eyeshadow.

The perks of this event is you can buy NARS items at 10% off! and a sample bottle for Nars Skin moisturizer. Here's a picture of me with Magda Ogbe, she's very down to earth and always ready to answer your questions if you have any inquiries on how to do that, what not to do, how to achieve that look etc. Lucky for us who attended this event because she will fly back to US the next day.

Thanks Magda and Robbie (My MUA Friend) for inviting me again! Till next workshop!

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