Sunday, August 13, 2017

BEAUTY: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light Review

Hey beautiful readers!!! As promised, here's to another entry on my blog! In this post, I will feature my newest addition to my everyday makeup essentials, Hourglass Ambient Powder in Luminous Light. You know how i love fresh dewy makeup and this has been on my wish list for a long time, and so a friend of mine bought me this in the US and voila, I get my hands on it!

I know, I'm too late. Hourglass became talk of the town I think 2013 and since this is not available in Manila that time, I just get to see this online. But as they say, " Better late than never!!".

As described in Hourglass Website: (

Features and Benefits:

• Powders mimic six universally flattering light sources, from morning light to candlelight, allowing clients to build a wardrobe of options—not unlike having a personal lighting technician at your disposal.• By manipulating and filtering out harsh light, powders conceal skin imperfections, pores and wrinkles.• State-of-the-art formula delivers a multi-dimensional luminescence to every skin tone, making it appear softer, younger and perfectly lit.• Universal powders make them suitable for every skin tone, while each can be worn day and night.• The finishing powders enhance skin in any type of light, including flash photography.LUMINOUS LIGHT: A champagne pearl powder that creates a soft, incandescent candlelit glow—day or night.

Now, let's take a closer look on this coveted item in the beauty world :-)

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light

First off, this is a Finishing Powder. Finishing Powder is different from Setting Powder (sets the foundation to avoid creasing or rubbing off) so let us not be mistaken by these two. Finishing Powder should be applied after your setting powder. This makes the skin more smoother by simply blurring the appearance of pores and fine lines. Thus gives a photograph of "no-filter look" if you know what I mean. So the next time, you take that selfie, you're rest assured you got the most flattering lights that touches your skin.

Close up shot

Let us take a closer look on this baby, shall we??? As you can you see from the picture, It has that soft sheen (not that awkward large glitters) which good for not accentuating large pores on your skin. The powder is finely milled and it literally just glides on your face once applied. And since this is not a Setting Powder (I have to reiterate that), don't expect that it contains color shade as those setting powder. What I mean is, the one that you expect to fully cover the face as what Setting powder does.

Well, I just loved how this gives just the right amount of luminosity on the skin. Not too heavy, just subtle which is a thumbs up! Compared to my Becca Champagne Pop (which I will do a review soon), this is more like on a medium side of highlighting effect.  I just love how this gives me, "hey I'm glowing" look haha! Honestly, some would love applying this on the highest point on their cheeks, bridge of the nose, browbone, a little bit on the chin and on the cupid's bow. But on the days when I'm feeling I need to be more glowing, I use big fluffy blush (the one I used in Real Techniques Blush brush) and buff it all over my face..

It is packaged in a rose gold sleek compact and it is really lightweight. However, I just noticed that the hourglass label fades unlike the my Mac one (MSF Powder). Sorry but i just love seeing labels on my makeup :-)

Another closeup shot 

Should we have the round-up ladies :-)


  • It is sheen and subtle which is suitable for beauties who loves dewy makeup.
  • Powder is finely milled 
  • You don't need a lot to achieve that glow you want
  • Perfect to apply on where you want the light touch your skin

  • The price, omg, I can buy a palette of eye shadow with the price tag!!

So there you go ladies, will soon post a picture of me wearing this beauty :-) Till our next beauty session :-)

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