Saturday, September 22, 2012

METRO: The Zone | Badminton!!

A saturday afternoon when me and my friends are thinking of ways to chillax day and at the same time to have some exercise. So we think of some activity that would make us bond and to decrease extra pounds. Nevertheless, we think of BADMINTON! Badminton is a very know-how sport. No need to undergone intensive trainingsince this has become one of the sport that every age kno ws. So we head up to the The Zone Makati to sweat and at the same time enjoy!

The Zone Makati has two types of badminton court, one is rubberized while the other one is plain cemented. You will be charged with 100 pesos if you want the rubberized one.

I learn the simple tricks in Badminton when we played. My bf taught me how to win a game! Yipee for that! But all of which was part of just making our game more exciting!

My BF and me having a match up.

Talking about sweaty face..:-) Feels good after..

Yey for the win!!

After a long 2 hours of sweating, here's what we get.. FOOD..Funny how we wanna lose some weight through playing badminton, only to eat more!!But its kinda worth it. The food was great at Gerry's Grill MOA.

Sisig Kilawin

Till the next adventure and food trip!! Thanks for reading my blog :-)

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