Sunday, October 21, 2012

TRAVELS: Maquinit Hot Spring | Coron Palawan

Maquinit Hot Spring located at Coron, Palawan is just a 25 minutes away from the Town Proper. "Maquinit" derived its name from the Tagalog word "Mainit"  which means hot or warm. Oh boy, it is freakin hot at 40 degrees celcius!

We rode a tricycle going here and the road is muddy and rough.An entrance fee of 150 Pesos will take you to this hot spring. A great way to relax after a flight coming from Manila.

Maquinit Hot Spring is the only Salt Water Hot Spring in the Philippines. I usually go to Laguna for hot springs which not a salt water. Maquinit is surrounded by mangroves which makes it more of a nature trip! We meet foreigners who also indulged into this wonderful hotspring.

Wooden Footbridge surrounded by Mangroves

Me and my friends enjoying  the relaxing ambience the Maquinit Hot Spring gives us!

 You can go to the nearby lake, where the water is colder. And the view is just superb!

We only stayed for an hour and went to the nearest restaurant to enjoy the food in Coron! The only thing that might be a hassle in this hot spring is the restroom.No place to have a shower since the water is salty and you might need to wash this all off. Nevertheless, you can just rely on taking a shower in your rented hotel.  Also, the security of your things, so better have someone to look out for your things while you are enjoying the place.

What you need to know to get to Maquinit Hot Spring? You can ask a tricycle driver to take you there, for Php 300, they can accomodate up to 4 persons inside the tricycle and have them wait you outside the Hot Spring and bring you back to your hotel. But since our drivers waited for us till we finished for dinner at a restaurant, we just gave them 100 as additional payment.

Come and Visit Coron Palawan! Its more fun in the Philippines!


  1. Nice pictures and info about Maquinit Hot Springs. I'm sure a lot of fellow Palawan travelers would find this blog useful :D

    1. Well thank you for the comment and thanks fro visiting my blog!



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