Saturday, November 10, 2012

TRAVELS: The Peak of Mt. Tapyas in Coron, Palawan

Our last day in Coron Palawan will never be complete without seeing the entire place in a Top View.  So an early morning hike in Mt. Tapyas is better way to experience going to the top. Me and my friends went there 5am and started going up the stairs. Unlike other mountains, this have stairs which is convenient!

It is one of the mountains in Busuanga and can be reach via tricycle or just a walk from the town proper. What a better way to exercise and at the same time experience the nature! The entrance of the trail is just beside the basketball court and there you will be welcomed with stairs!

 This is the entrance going to Mt. Tapyas beside thebasketball court..

 Going to the top of the mountain will take you less than an hour to trek. We've seen some visitors who went here not just to go to the top, but also to break some sweat!

A shed is available for visitors where you can rest for a while and renew some energy to go up again!

 This is how high we have conquered. We are almost halfway going to the top! See our background? Very nice indeed.

 Finally, we reached the top! See how high the steel cross which is actually very visible at the town proper of Coron. There were hear-says that it is made of steel in order to withstand thunder storms that visits the place every now and then. But our month of visit was just a perfect weather!

Whew! Breathtaking view at the top of Mt. Tapyas. It is really is worth the effort! You can take a peak of how beautiful coron is!

 We can't get enough of the beautiful scenery that's why me and my friend keeps on clicking some souvenir pictures!

There are no entrance fee and everything is free! You must wear light and comfortable clothing, slippers or rubbershoes, bring some bottled water and towel you wipe sweat. Also camera! 

It was a nice experience especially when you share it with your friends! Come and visit Mt. Tapyas while you were in Coron, Palawan. Definitely a must see!

Till then friends!

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