Saturday, June 15, 2013

TRAVELS: Things to do in Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

I have post before about a trip in Calaguas Island last May 2013. Here's the link to that: Calaguas Island. This post is dedicated to what activities are in store for those who are planning to visit this wonderful paradise in Camarines Norte:

Things to do in Calaguas:

1. Camping: Since the island has no electricity and hotels are not readily available in here, visitors/tourists can enjoy camping. There were available package tours who offers inclusive use of tents or you can bring your own if you're not availing any of the package tours and you're traveling on your own.


2. Stargazing: One you can truly enjoy in the Island is to enjoy the solemnity of the place, have a peace of mind and just stare at the beautiful sky. Though I can't provide you with a picture of the stars, this is one of the activities that I truly enjoyed. Just a thought of spending a night in a secluded island is fun and surreal in its own way.

3. Playing Frisbee Disc: Our Package tour offers a free use of Frisbee Disc, so we didn't miss any chance of playing this type of sports. You don't need to play by the rule. Just enjoy playing it with your friends.

Frisbee Disc

4. Playing Volleyball: Another enjoyable activity to play with your friends especially those who are in large group.

Playing Volleyball

5. Surfing Lesson:  Though Calaguas Waves is not as good as those in Bagasbas. There were available surf trainors in the Island in preparation to the the next activity in Bagasbas Beach, Daet the day after. Here's the link on my Bagasbas Surfing Experience: Surfing in Bagasbas Beach.

Surfing with Friends

6. Swimming: This is given already. Of course, this is the main reason why we go to the beach. The turquoise water is so tempting to swim into. So as soon as you reach this beautiful Island, I'll assure you that this is what you will look forward to, TO SWIM! The scorching heat of the sun is not a factor, the water is cold and dipping into this is an escape from the heat of the summer!

7. Snorkeling: Some of the travelers still managed to go snorkeling but unfortunate for us since we only had 2 days to squeeze in. But still for you guys who have so many time to spend in this Island, why not try snorkeling? The Philippines is blessed with coral reefs and natural resources so expect that you can find interesting in exploring this place.

8.  Night life with friends, bonding with friends: One of the best part of the package tour is this, free drinks after a sumptuous dinner. Though some were not fond of such heavy sound at night but this one lasts only till 12 midnight. Another thing is that you will have a lot of time after dinner to bond and chat with your friends.

Drinking and enjoying the night

9. Skim boarding: This by far is difficult to play with since it takes a lot of agility and balance. Using a skim board, you will need to glide into the shore and try your best to stay on your board.

Skim boarding..

These are just among the things I have listed based on my travel experience. You can still add some possible activities that you might have in mind. Feel free to comment below.

Will post more "Things to do" subject on my future posts! Thanks for reading :-)


  1. May i know san nio po kinuha ung package? Interested kasi dahil included ung frisbee.. :))




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