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TRAVELS: Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

Calaguas Island located at Camarines Norte, which is at the Bicol region part of Luzon Philippines was our planned target destination this summer. This long beach, with its turquoise to clear blue water and fine white sands was said can rival the famous Boracay beach in Malay, Aklan. However, having been in Boracay twice, my first observation is that Calaguas island has its surreal feeling. The solemnity of the place made it uncomparable to the highly commercialized Boracay.

Our travel to Calaguas by land is 8 long hours of sitting on a bus. We did not book an air flight since we are on a budget trip so we decided to join a travel tour. A friend of mine suggested Kuya Melvic of who caters packaged travel tours inclusive of food and transportation. I will enumerate the details on this post later.

Well going back to the beauty of Calaguas Island, the water is serene and no large waves can be seen so you can enjoy just dipping into the sea and enjoy swimming. The sand is fine and white and you will be not worried of the rocks that might injure your feet. What will be shocking to most of the luxury-seekers vacationers in Calaguas is that, there is no hotel in the island which made it more like you were one of the castaways in a Survivor Reality TV Show.

For those who might want to go to this Happy beach here's the details of our Package tour:

Package tour: 

1. We availed the 2d/1n Tour which includes:
 1.1 Round Trip Bus Fare
 1.2 Free food (lunch+dinner on the 1st day, breakfast+lunch on the 2nd day)
 1.3 Free use of Frisbee, Skimboard, Volleyball
 1.4 Free boat Transfers
 1.5 Free Use of Tents
or you can visit this link:

How to Get there: 

Via Bus, We left DLTB Pasay going to Daet, Camarines Norte at 8pm and arrived at the port going to Calaguas at 6am inclusive of 20mins jeepney ride. Unfortunately, it's low-tide and boat might sink if we will still proceed to ride the boat, so we waited until lunch to finally go to Calaguas Island. A 2-3 hours boat ride is what awaits you before you can finally arrive to the beautiful Calaguas Island.

My friends cam-whoring at the port, the boats behind them are the actual boats we rode going to Calagauas

Finally we arrived! As soon as I stepped into the Island and dipped my foot on its clear water, all I said was "It is really worth it" with all the long travel hours, fatigue body, food deprivation(hahaha..well we had our lunch at 2pm!) and all the dizziness...The beauty of the island is breath-taking. Though I have read other blogs about Calaguas, to experience it first hand and be there is surreal.

 Our campsite. I have noticed that every Travel Tour have their own designated part in the Island.

 As soon as we finished our lunch, buffet lunch it is, we headed fast to play Frisbee!

See how long the shoreline is? Well even you are in Island, you will not feel that you were the only human being exists in this place. There were also locals who have resided on this place.

Well, since this is not yet commercially developed which I hope will not happen soon (for the sake of camping and solemnity of the place), there's no electricity. Glad that our package tour has their own generator who operates from 6pm-12midnight. So you can still charge your gadgets and the lights are still up till 12midnight!

Lucky us! Our Package Tour also includes unlimited drinks (mobile bar) which we enjoyed till 12 midnight. Who would have thought that there's a Boracay vibe in this Island via this mobile bar! But as soon as 12midnight strikes, all lights will be off so that we all could have a quiet sleep.

 My friends and I, drinking and stargazing all in one! Believe me, it was fun! Bonding while drinking, talking, sharing stories, are the best!

Oh, the morning has arrived and after breakfast, we enjoyed swimming and finally has to bid goodbye to this Happy Beach. We're going to Bagasbas, Daet to surf which I will post soon. I will forever cherish our experience this summer getaway. Our first time to join any package tour which is highly recommended by yours truly..

Well, another note, phone signals in the Island is not possible. Haha! So better text your loved ones or call them while you're still at the port, informing them that you can't response or receive their calls or texts while in this Island.

 For the list of Things to do in Calaguas Island.. Check-out this link: Things to do in Calaguas.

Come and Visit Calaguas! My Happy Beach! Its really MORE FUN in the Philippines!

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