Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fashion: Denim on White dress

Denim on White dress

This easy friday outfit is inspired by my own stylish idea. LOL. Well, I'm fond of browsing Fashion Blogs such as those of Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian (Filipina Fashion Bloggers). Also, I do visit and chictopia like a lot. Maybe a stylist in me lingers on. I even fantasized being the next Liz Uy. haha! Enough of my impromptu..This is my very first post on my cravings in fashion. I really love how Denim looks good on any white clothes. Thus I created this one.

The little white dress is a must in every woman's closet.Why? Because it can be use during summer for that clean yet flowy look and during winter/cold seasons the simple denim jacket on a white dress can do the trick. However, the Denim Jacket is not only useful during the summer. Hence, it has now become staple in adding up oommp to your look.

The colorful wedge I chose was composed of the colors Green, Blue , Black etc. With this type of shoes, the color do balance the plain color of the white dress. The bag is in pale color, that is not to contrast the shoes and the clothes. This satchel is not so boyish. It is stylish and looks good with the denim jacket.

For the accessories, the white Michael Kors bag compliments the white dress and the blue bracelet adds up to the total look. The blue bracelet compliments the blue wedge. The studded diamond heart earrings adds sweetness to the overall look.

The pink lipstick is so girly. Perfect look!

That's all girls! Hope you like the look I envisioned. Hopefully, I can put this clothes on me and post it here!

Till our next dress up session!

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