Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beauty: MAC Relentlessly Red

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipsticks is part of the Retro Matte Collection. This is described as bright pinkish coral red lipstick and is of matte finish. I was looking for red lippie at MAC Store and tried the ever famous Ruby Woo and Russian Red on my lips, but none of them really suit my NC30 skin tone. They are way too dark on my taste. So the first time I saw relentlessly red, I initially thought It was just another red lipsticks but it was not!! It is just the perfect red I've been looking for.

I really love my MAC Party Parrot, which is part of the Limited Edition. Much to my regret, I lost my party parrot so I was really on the hunt for any dupe or replacement. MAC Impassioned was said to be a very close shade to party parrot, however it is not available on our local MAC stores.And so this is by far, another close dupe to MAC Party Parrot.

Swatch of Relentlessly Red

Here's a swatch of the Relentlessly Red Lipstick. I am NC30 in MAC for your reference and this really doesn't make me look like "I'm wearing bloody red color on my lips". And I highly recommend this for those who want to pull off that red lipstick without looking like a slut. haha. This is also wearable everyday, but you only need to dab this on your lips. I love how the stain creates that rosy stain on my lips.

To summarize its pros and cons, here's my list.

  • It is long-wearing. After eating or drinking, it is still intact.
  • Not of the dark red color shade
  • It is not drying on the lips
  • Wearable color, just need to dab this on your lips and you're good to go
  • If you want to achieve fuller lips, two swipes of this lipstick is all you need
  • The color pigmentation is a plus.
  • pricey
  • limited edition 
  • Nothing else, I love this lipstick!

Actual Swatch on my lips
This is what it looks like with only a few dabs on my lips. A dab really goes a long way. 

Come and visit your nearest MAC Store! Thanks for reading! Till our next beauty session!

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