Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beauty: MAC Brave Lipstick, A Nude Shade

MAC Brave Lipstick, is a Satin Finish Lipstick from MAC, which a blue tone pink. It is sheen and can be a versatile if you put a thick layer on it on your lips. Having bought a lot of loud colored lipsticks, I was really in the hunt for the nude lipstick perfect for the smokey eyes. I have tried the blankety, angel and peachstock on me but none of them suit my skin tone (I'm NC 30 by the way). I looked pale/corpse on those shades so it was really a jackpot when I finally see the perfect nude lipstick for me!

Introducing the MAC Brave Lipstick. I was never aware that there's this shade of lipstick that suits me well. I had the pink nouveau, nicki, party parrot and all of them were on a pink shade. And this is the only nude lipstick I have on my makeup kit!  I use this when it do not want to look so party-like and this has been my go-to lipstick shade when I want to look more natural. My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade I suppose!

In every MAC Tube comes with the code (A52 in the picture) which happens to be the manufacturing date of the lipstick so you can check if your lipstick has finally reached its expiration. You can check further on the internet for the meaning of such code. Lipsticks, as what I have read on the internet, will lasts for 2 years. So better always check this label (manufacturing date) to avoid using expired lipsticks. Yayks!

MAC Brave on my lips

 Swatch of the MAC Brave Lipstick on my hand

  • It is not pale on the lips
  • It has a hint of color that looks natural on your lips
  • It is not drying
  • MLBB (My lips but better)

  • It is pricey
  • Nothing else

There are some drugstore brand that is affordable. I am honestly eyeing on Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Angel Rose which a pale pink. But if you have budget, why not splurge on this lipstick!

Stay tune for more beauty reviews! Till our next beauty session <#

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