Sunday, March 17, 2013

METRO: Luneta Park | Manila: Experience the Philippine History

Rizal Park also known as Luneta Park (lunette) because of its crescent shape, is situated at the heart of the city of Manila. It is adjacent to the walled city known as Intramuros. The Park has been the place for leisure by many Filipinos even before the malls were founded. I still remember during my childhood that me and my family used to visit Luneta Park to bond, unwind and spend some quality time together. Thus it has become one of the major tourist destinations in Manila.

The monument from the picture is the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal. Thus the park was renamed as Rizal Park in his honor and the monument became the focal point of the park.

A huge garden where visitors can have a picnic bonding.

A mini lagoon and dancing fountains that fascinates every visitor. Dancing fountains are color coordinated and comes with music every time it performs.

 Kalesa, a horse drawn carriage which is popular in the Philippines during the Spanish era as a form of transportation is also ready to take the park's tourists to a higher level of experiencing Manila. This cinderella-like Kalesa caught my attention, as if it will fly anytime and will then take you to your prince charming :-).

The Kalesa touring around the Luneta Park as if it is in the hunt for a passenger. Definitely a must-try especially for foreigners who are fond of discovering filipino culture.

Lapu Lapu statue or status of Sentinel of Freedom, is also one of tourist attraction here at Luneta Park. The monument is actually a gift from Korea for the filipinos who helped them during the Korean War.  Lapu Lapu is the very first native Filipino who fought against the colonization of the Spaniards.

The statue is really that tall that you can see from a far. Tourists like me can take some pictures with the statue as your background.

Well, that maybe all for now. I know some of the teenagers would instead prefer to visit malls, however, visiting one of the country's heritage place as part of our culture and history must also be considered. From time to time, Luneta Park/ Rizal Park is worth the visit just to reminisce and reflect on the Philippine History.

Come and visit Luneta Park. Its more fun in the Philippines.

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