Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beauty: MAC Party Parrot lipstick

MAC Party Parrot lipstick is part of the MAC Party Parrot Iris Apfel collection..A friend introduced this lipstick to me so decided to do whatever I can to purchase this, however it was out of stock in just a snap. So what I did, was to find sellers online.. and fortunately, I was able to find one!

This lipstick is of a matte finish, and unlike other brands that offers matte lipsticks, this is not drying!! It almost last for 4-5 hours on my lips. Compared to my NARS Schiap which tends to get my lips darker, this is true to its colors..Very nice..The color is solid and pigmented on the lips.. Perfect for a night out and of course, summer..

Here are some of the pictures:

Very cute color..

Here it is on my lips:-)

Till next time!! TIA!


  1. Pout kung pout! PAK! Bagay sayo girl...

    1. Ganun tlga neng.. hahaha thanks, ikaw ang unang comment ko wahahaha..



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