Thursday, July 26, 2012


This post will be unrelated to what I used to post like travels, beauty and food. I just read this article from the Philippine star To the twentysomething who wants to change the world..(An article worth reading). It just hit me right in my heart and I feel like I need to share it with you guys.

I still remember when I was a fresh grad from a university, all I have in my mind was to get a job, give my salary to my mother and to know how does it feel to be in a corporate world. Also, I remember, I love seeing myself in an office attire, and be greeted by the guards with " Good Morning Ma'am." It felt like I was in cloud 9.

Then 1 year has passed, and I begun thinking, I just got paid to pay my bills, such as rent for the apartment, electricity, food and sometimes worst case is that I don't have enough money to support myself for the next 2 weeks(before the payday). I even don't have money to buy for groceries. And that's when I start to think, is this the life I wanted?. I can't even support my mother, and all I have left in my pocket is budget to commute going to work. I still remember when I used to lend some money from a friend and when payday comes, I will just pay her back and lend again and all just happens like a cycle.

I just realized I need to do something. I have strive and found a new job. This time it is the job I wanted, a Computer Programmer. However, the beginning was very difficult. I was able to land the job but all they can offer for the first 6 months is an allowance of Php3,000 per month which I believe will not be enough to support my daily necessities such as budget for food and transport. It was hard because my parents are counting on me during that time. It was a dilemma, a really hard one. My parents at first disagreed but I told them this is an opportunity. I will be trained for 6 months and after I will be a regular employee. So overall, I accept the job. The first 6 months was crucial. Whenever I left with no money, I will lend from my mother and that really hurts me that time. But I said, no turning back, so I continued. After 6 months, that's the time the true salary will come my way..However, it was still not enough. I lasted for 3 years in that salary, but I am still financially unstable. So when another opportunity comes, I grabbed it.

However, the experience with that next company was not that good, my boss would raise her voice on me and sometimes all I received was disappointment. All i did was to sit on my cube, and cried. I tried to stay since I need to support my family. But I reached that point when I also have to stay to what I believed in and tried my luck to contact a friend. She referred me to another work. And now, I feel like the work I have now is all worth it. The people are friendly and they have good leadership. I'm starting to love it here. And I was able to support my family.

The point is, life has challenges and sometimes it offers difficulties that we tend to just give up. We are like walls where anyone can throw us thrush, dirt, paint on us, but a wall will still stand up and will remain sturdy. The dirts are the problems and sorrows. They keep coming back but as long as we're strong enough to receive all of these and remain sturdy, we will succeed. It is by faith and trust to the Lord and oneself.

To all the fresh graduates out there, keep in mind that finding a job will be difficult at first because of the competition. Don't lose hope. Sometimes all you need is guts and glory. You need to believe in yourself. I myself, is not a graduate in one of the "STAR" universities here in the Philippines, but I can say that our school also produces quality education. Be not afraid, to try and try again when you fail. If all the inventors did not try again whenever they fail, there will be no airplanes, telephones, electricity, bridge, buildings, satellites , computers etc. Imagine life without people who took the risks. Be patient for God has plans for you and He will grant all of them in the right time. Keep the faith!

Thank you all..

Love Vanessa


  1. I was really touched by your experience. I'm glad you're doing great now:) Thanks for sharing.



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