Thursday, July 12, 2012

TRAVELS: Chocolate Hills, Bohol

 Chocolate Hills is the "Main" tourist attraction in Bohol.. The name "Chocolate Hills" came from the color of the green grass that covered the hills and thus it turns brown during the dry season in the Philippines..At least 1,260 hills (based on Wikipedia) spread in this area.

This is one of the formation that I was really excited to see when I was in Bohol, since we only got to see this on our texbooks during elementary days. I was really astonished and overwhelmed when I saw it personally and thus made me realized how beautiful God has created the Philippines, our country.

Top View of the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol!

This is the actual stairs going up to the Top (Top View of Chocolate Hills). Be sure to wear comfortables shoes.

 The Chocolate Hills Natural Geological Monument

Words can't explain how beautiful it is, truly it is beyond perfection!

This is the actual way to go down..Perfect isn't it?

Me and my friends, Chocolate Hills as our background.. Lovely!

Though it's my second time to visit this place, the feeling whenever i see this marvelous God's creation captivated be over and over again! (Di ako magsasawa..). I really want you guys to experience the same..

Its more fun in the Philippines! Come and visit Chocolate Hills in Bohol! It was one of the best places I've ever been to..Truly, God has created a work of art that a Filipino can be proud of! Love Bohol!

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Love Vanessa

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