Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beauty: Vanity Kit - My Blushes..

Hi Ladies! My super pretty friend, Aileen, (special mention ka gurl!) hehehe, requested me to blog about blushes. Unfortunately, I only have limited blushes on my vanity kit. So bear with me ladies if I can only show 5 blushes that I do have in my possession. My very first branded blush is Nars Orgasm (sorry for the name), this is a birthday girft for myself and since it is a cult favorite among beauty bloggers, I rode the hype!

I only have 5 blushes on my kit such as MAC Dollymix, NARS Orgasm Powder Blush, The Balm Hot Mama, NARS Orgasm Illuminator. MAC Smooth Merge. All of which have shimmers since I love shimmers! Take a look on how each blush is different from the others.

From Left to Right: MAC Smooth Merge, MAC Dollymix, The Balm Hot Mama, Nars Orgasm Illuminator, Nars Orgasm Powder

Closer Look..

   Let's now take a look at them individually.. Pictures below..

First Stop: MAC Smooth Merge MSF is part of the colour craft collection. This is a highlighter but can also be used as blush. The cute thing about this is it composed of 3 gradient colors..Upper part is more of light pink, middle part is more of berry color and lower part is golden shade. So when you swirl them together, you can create the cute color..

Here's the swatch:

2nd Stop: The Balm Hot Mama


 The Balm Hot Mama is pinky peach blush with gold sheen. This is being compared to NARS Orgasm as a dupe. This costs Php750 as compared to Php1450 (NARS Orgasm). Great deal right? What I love most about this blush is it is so pigmented..You will not need highlighter when you put it on your face. Very cute. it will give you a dewy look and like you're glowing...Very nice color..


Nothing.. I love everything bout it. Also the packaging. very unique!

Here's the swatch:

Third Stop: NARS Powder Blush

 This blush is the ever famous cult favorite blush! When you visit NARS Cosmetic site you will see that is theor best seller product! As you can see, I almost hit the pan, and that only means, I keep on reaching this on my purse everyday. I bought this last 2010 and still you can see that I cannot finish this off!

Here's the swatch:

  • Sheer finish, Perfect for those who only want a little bit of blush on their face
  • Fine Shimmers. You will not end up as if you're wearing glitters on your face
  • Lasts for 2-3hours on my cheeks.
  • Kinda expensive for me! Maybe not for those who have a budget.
  • The packaging is kinda easy to get dirty as most bloggers noticed but it is sturdy.
  • One swipe is not enough, more swipes will be needed to see the colors on your skin (on my skin preference, results may vary on different skin tone).

Fourth Stop: MAC Dollymix

MAC Dollymix is a true pink blush with shimmers. Im so happy to know that Angelica Panganiban keep this on her kikay kit (Cosmopolitan site). I was once really hooked on blushes, and found this as one of the best blushes by MAC. Though this will be more gorgeous with fair-skinned ladies, I think morenas like me can pull this off by simply just swiping a little amount on your cheeks. This is pigmented and a good brush is need.

Here's the swatch:

  • Cute pink blush
  • Shimmers are fine
  • If you want to pull off a barbie like cheeks, this is a good one!
  • Content is more than those of NARS
  • Very pigmented
  • No mirror on the packaging
  • That's all

LAST STOP: NARS Orgasm Illuminator

This illuminator is just a proof that NARS Orgasm Powder is a hit..So I dig in to the craze. This product is in liquid form, which is cute to create the dewy look. I really love creating dewy look..You can put it in your cheeks to create that glow..

Wheeww. That was a long post! Hope you learn something.. :-)
Till next time.

Love Vanessa


  1. Ive been contemplating if i should get The Balm Hot Mama it really is pretty!:)

    bdw, i dont own a creme cup to compare it with please me but please me if one of my fave!

  2. I think you should! Its a highligter too! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I love your review on these blushes. I noticed you have quite impressive collection since you select the best, right? I'm thinking of buying dollymix and I might as well check out the balm hot mama. where can i find this? i didn't know it's a dupe of orgasm. nice!! :)

  4. thanks mej for visiting my blog! The balm hot mama is available at beauty bars,,there in MOA and Greenbelt. dollymix is just a cute pink blush to keep on your vanity kit. i just stopped collecting blushes just now because I need to finish these blushes..Thanks for visiting again!



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