Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beauty: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Review

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural is a dome-shape powder with minerals that is slowly-baked. It helps to achieve that natural looking skin without overdoing. This offers low coverage to the skin and is best use as a finishing powder after you put in foundation.

MAC MSF is a candy to my eyes. I love how this powder looks in the pan. To me, it lasted for about 6-8 months on my vanity kit, and when I hit the pan, I had a lookout for another powder, thus I end up purchasing the MAC Studio Fix foundation..However, I prefer the powder that will give me that glow, which I did not experienced with MAC Studio Fix.(that's on my preference). Review on this link: MAC Studio Fix Review

 So when I was in MAC Glorietta, I can't say no to this! So even if I am not yet finished with the studio fix powder, I bought this!

This is my second time to purchase this powder.. I love it to bits..I can say that this is m HG powder as of the moment.

See Pictures Below.

Finely milled powder..

  • Very light-weight powder
  • Best if you want just to look natural with this powder on your face
  • Cute dome shape powder
  • Will last a long time since it is baked
  • Good for sensitive skin because it is mineralize
  • Fine shimmers which is a plus for me (shimmer lover)
  • Create dewy/glowy effect (as for me!)
  • Good Setting Powder after the foundation

  • Pricey/ Expensive
  • No Mirror
  • The dome tends to break if accidentally dropped ( based from other users)
  • Sheer coverage not as heavy as Studio Fix powder coverage

My advice would be this: If you don't need a powder, and you're good with just using baby powder then try other brands such as Maybelline, Revlon which I totally love. But if you have a budget and you want to splurge once in a while as a reward to yourself, this might be a good powder for you. My second time to purchase can be a proof to that!


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