Saturday, July 28, 2012

TRAVELS: Ilagan Sanctuary, Isabela

Pinzal Falls

Ilagan Sanctuary is a protected sanctuary located at Sta Victoria, Ilagan, Isabela..It is composed of Santa Victoria caves, Fuyot Springs national park and Pinzal falls.  Fuyot Springs National Park is desgnated for the wildlife and gardens. Santa Victoria cave has limestones and rock formations that visitors would love to see.  After some trekking, you can dip in to the basin of the Pinzal Falls. You will need to conquer the muddy and rocky roads in order to reach this majestic fall.

Here's the actual trekking we had going to the Pinzal Falls.

 Rocky Roads

 You will also need to walk,walk and walk.

 Finally we arrived!!

Me and my friends in the Pinzal Falls.

Aside from trekking going to the Pinzal Falls, friends and family can enjoy picnic and use of swimming pool at the Fuyot Springs National Park..You can also bring your food. This will be a great idea for bonding with friends!

 Ensaladang talong, perfect with inihaw na isda for our lunch! Yum Yum!

Swimming Pool

Another activity is to enjoy the swimming pool! The water comes from the falls itself so you can be sure that it is clean. The water was actually very cold!

Come and visit Ilagan Sanctuary, Isabela! Its More Fun in the Philippines!


Isabela is approximately 405 kilometers away from Manila and thus you can ride a bus from Cubao going to Isabela. It will take you about 9 hours before you could reach the town proper. You can also get there via plane and arrive at the Cauayan Airport. From there, if you have a friend/relatives from Isabela, you could ask him/her to tour you around Isabela (Ilagan Santuary).

Another way is when you reached the Ilagan town proper, you could ask tricycle drivers to take you to the park.

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