Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty: Orange/Peach Battle | Lipsticks

Max Factor Pearl Orange, Covergirl Rapture, Bobbi Brown Soft Coral

Orange and Peach are just two of my favorite colors. Orange lifts up the mood while peaches for me creates that subtle color. So when the these colors became a hit for the lipstick shade, who am I not to love?

My very first purchase for an orange lipstick shade is the Max Faxtor Pearl Orange..Orange Lips really looks good on fair skinned ladies but it didn't stopped though I am not that fair.  I love how this looks good on me. Oh I love oranges..

Next is the Covergirl Rapture. I got influenced by beauty blogger who used this on his tutorial to copy Jennifer Lopez' makeup in "Im into you" Music Video. The peachiness of this shade is just gorgeous! The finish is more of a lustre and it has a tendency to sit into the lines of the lips. So better moisturise the lips first and put this lipstick!

Lastly, Bobbi Brown Soft Coral.. Love the shade! Milky coral and it is just gorgeous on the lips!

Here's the actual swatch.. Left to right: Max Factor Pearl Orange, Covergirl Rapture, Bobbi Brown Soft Coral

Based on the pics above. Pearl Orange on the left is a true orange. At the middle is the Rapture which is light and the Soft coral on the right which a bit redder..

Till next time ladies! Get one of this lipsticks!


  1. has pearl orange by max factor been discontinued I can't find it any where. thanks Jan.

  2. I bought mine sa Landmark Trinoma.



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