Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty: What's inside my makeup kit??

First of all, this post is actually inspired by the "What's in my bag" section at the cosmopolitan online. Oh I love reading posts about what's inside the makeup kit of our local celebrities. Just want the update if what product they are into and would love to try it! So just a sneak peak of what I always bring on my kikay kit and why do I chose those products..Pictures after the jump!

So what's inside my kit? Powder, Blushes, Lipsticks, Concealer, Eyebrow kit, Highlighter, Eyeliner and Makeup Brushes...

 Let's take a look at them individually..

Makeup brushes is a must for applying makeups, for blending and to make applying makeup easy as a breeze. In my kit I use inexpensive brushes, mostly are by marionnaud and elf brushes. From the picture above, I use the Marionnaud angle brush to apply my blush, Elf Eyeshadow brush, Marionnaud Powder brush for my powder and Marionnaud brow brush. As for lining my eyes, I use Maybelline Pencil in Black.

As for the lipsticks. I love bringing with me at least 3 lipsticks.. You might be thinking, why do i need to bring more than 1 lipstick on my kikay kit? Maybe because I love mixing lipsticks and secondly, I always have a change of mind of what lipstick is bagay (suits) to me, so better bring them all nalang. :-) So these are the lipsticks I always use and only the Bobbi brown one, is not in the pink shade.

 This is my favorite browset and shadow! Just a quick history guys, I was at the MAC Store when all im planning to buy is a concealer. The Makeup Artist actually noticed my brows and told me I should invest in prettifying my brows. So instead of buying concealer, I bought this. The application of the MUA was really superb that from then on, I think groomed brows really make a difference in anyone's look.

The eyeshadow is carbon. I use the Marionnaud brush to fill in the gaps of my brows with this eyeshadow, and then apply the MAC GirlBoy Brow gel to set my brows.

My Favorite Powder. The sheer finish is good for touch ups. The glow it gives to my skin is just astonishing. Maybe because it is mineralized? :-)

Same with lipsticks. I love bringing blushes on my kit :-)

 My concealer. One and only concealer :-)

 The only eyeshadow I use for my eyelids.. Unlike lipsticks and blushes, Im ok with just one eyeshadow on my kit!This is the MAC Semi Precious Eyeshadow in Faux Gold.

I forgot to include the lipbalm and the highlighter.

For those who are starting to build up their own makeup kit, here's a quick list of the basic essentials that you will need.

  1. Powder
  2. Lipbalm
  3. Lipstick
  4. Blush
  5. Eyeliner
  6. Brow Pencil/Brow kit
  7. Eye curler and Mascara
Don't matter what brand either local and imported..It's how you can pull it off!

That's it ladies!


  1. I love mixing lipsticks too so same as you, I have at least three lipsticks lurking in my makeup bag :)

    1. Yeah me too. I have 4 lipsticks on my kikay kit!



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