Saturday, August 4, 2012

TRAVELS: Patapat Viaduct, Ilocos Norte

Patapat Viaduct is located in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Northernmost section of Luzon. Elevated 31 meters above sea level, the view from the bridge to the rocky shore is really mesmerized view.  This bridge connects Laoag Ilocos Norte and the Cagayan Valley Region. Thus, it is the 4th longest bridge in the Philippines.

Passing this bridge you can see the Pasaleng Bay which is a breath taking view. The bridge itself is an astonishing structure that's why it has become one of the tourist destination in Ilocos Norte.

The scenic view from the Patapat Viaduct

The mountains that you see on the right is actually called the Patapat Mountains. This is also the northern side of the Cordillera Central Mountain Range.

Closer look on the side of the Patapat Mountains..

Me and My friend posing :-)

Truly the tour in Ilocos has always been fascinating. This structure thus only shows how Filipinos inventions in putting this kind of concrete highway are creative by nature. Also helps to connect 2 places at the same time!

Come and visit the Patapat Viaduct in Ilocos Norte! It's more fun in the Philippines!

HOW TO GET TO Patapat Viaduct, Ilocos Norte?

 Well as for us, we technically had a tour guide from Ilocos, who you can also contact when you want to take a visit in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. We were like 8 in a group and all in all, we paid Php10,000 - Php 12,000(Philippine Peso)(Forgot the exact price) for 2 days tour around Ilocos. If you want his contact details, Kuya Marlon please drop an email or leave a comment below..

 We rode Florida Bus (Espanya) going to Ilocos. It takes us about 6-8 hours..But definitely, all was worth it.

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