Monday, August 27, 2012

TRAVELS: Crystal Cove Island Boracay

Crystal Cove Island in Boracay Philippines is just one of the few islands that you can visit in this paradise. Located at the Tabon Point, Caticlan, Malay Aklan, this island offers an ALL IN experience/adventure for those who wants to free themselves from the busy lifestyle of the city. An exclusive island that has cave inside, bridges, stone formations etc. Truly it is just an amazing island!

We went here with my friends for an island hopping experience last year. It was a first time for me fo finally got to visit Boracay and we didn't waste our time to explore this hidden parradise within a paradise and this is just one of them! A tour guide officially toured us in this beautiful islad. Pictures will do justice to what I/m trying to describe..So here it is guys!

Upon entrance, you will see this welcoming name of the island wherein you can take some pictures with the crystal blue sea as your background.

This is the stairs going to the part of island wherein you can see the top view of the sea..Excited to see what's in there? Check out the next pictures!

    Me and my friends posing :-) Oh we love picture taking sessions. Who would not want to have some  souvenir picture in this beautiful island right?  Crystal Cove Island has too many beautiful spots to take pictures! This is just one, and as you can see the Palm Chair is just a great work of art. And nothing can compare to the natural art God has created which we have on our background..

   Please bear with us if you will see most of our faces :-). This is also one of the cute places inside the island. Cute isnt  it?

  This stone shed is just really beautiful! You can just realx here and see the beautiful view...

 As you explore the island, you will see this cave-like site. In here you can swim in a crystal clear sea of Boracay..

 Camwhoring in action!

Well, a stolen shot of myself but I love it! See the isolated island at the middle? well another island to explore soon!

   Camwhoring again! Me and my friends posing for another group pic. Love love love this island!

   Come and  visit Boracay Philippines! Its more fun in the Philippines!

   Feel free to leave comments below fellow readers! I would love to read them!

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