Monday, August 20, 2012

TRAVELS: REPUBL1C Wakepark | Wakeboarding

REPUBL1C WAKEPARK - The Newest and Most Innovative Wakepark in the World! We went to Nuvali, Sta.Rosa, Laguna to try the REPUBL1C Wakepark for the first time since a friend of mine keep on insisting us to try it ourselves. We went there one saturday morning and the view of the park is breathtaking. The area for wakeboarding is very large! No need to go to Calatagan or Camarines Sur to try wakeboarding first-hand! For a 55 minute drive from the Metro going to Laguna, a barkada/family who is into adventure whether he/she is a beginner or Professional Wakeboarder, can try this newest wakepark.

It is advisable to go this wakepark during weekdays since it is crowded during weekends. Fortunately during our visit, the place was not so crowded and we even did not need to stand in a long line for our turn in the beginners area.  REPUBL1C Wakepark is still under construction during our visit with so
many renovations on the side but still this did not stop us from enjoying wakeboarding!

This is the beginner's area where people like me (first-timer/non-wakeboarder) are very much welcome to try wakeboarding. The pulley at the top has cable that will pull the wakeboarder in a straight path from a slow pace to a fast pace. The water is about 3-6 feet. A trainor will give you some key points beforehand. What I remember is that there were 2 trainors (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), and I just want to give kudos to the afternoon trainor (not sure though if this is his fix shift) since he really is a good trainor compared to the other one who is kinda snobbish and unapproacheable.

It is a requirement to wear lifevest and helmet all the time when you're about to wakeboard. You can bring your own or rent them on the admission area.

The Professional Wakeboarder's Area

This is not really for professionals only but for those who can assess themselves that they can already try wakeboarding in a more level-up stage compared to the beginner's area. Since in here the start will not be in a slow pace compared to the beginner's area, some wakeboarders will have a tendency to not stand on their wakeboards even on the first pace. The water is about 6 feet to 10 feet. There is no trainor in here so you will have to work on your own. Some of my friends will compare this to lago de oro in Batangas and according to them this is much bigger.

 Professional Wakeboarder in action! See the ramp?!

That's him, (the one in brown cap) the Trainor I'm referring to who  is much proficient than the other trainor on the beginner's area.  And that's my BF (the one sitting) on his first attempt to wakeboarding..

Weeee!! That's actually me! Not bad right? But believe me the first time was really hard coz I can't even stood up on the board!

So after a lot of energy released on wakeboarding, REPUBL1C has variety of snacks/lunch available. Just a reminder guys, bringing food/water inside the REPUBL1C is not allowed. With that, visitors can only leave their food on their cars..The food in REPUBL1C is kinda pricey but this one is heavy on the stomach and tasteful too! So my verdict? A+! But some rice meals are not good though :-(

The rates may vary based on the duration. 

1 HOUR PASS = Php 250
2 HOUR PASS = Php 475
4 HOUR PASS = Php 595
8 HOUR PASS = Php 995 (8:30 am - 5:30 am)

You can visit their site: for more info..
After a long day in the wakepark, you can now enjoy strolling around NUVALI. My related post is on this link: Nuvali..

Come and visit REPUBL1C Wakepark! Its more fun in the Philippines!!

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