Friday, August 17, 2012

TRAVELS: Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna

Nuvali located at Sta. Rosa Laguna, developed by Ayala Land, is a new eco-commercial mall/park in the Southern part of Luzon, Philippines. With its name, Nuvali evoliving, you can see from the place that it stands to what the name implies.  Rest assured that you will not get bored when you visit this place since it is packed with the establishments and activities that will surely makes you love this place.

Do you want food trip? Nuvali has lots of restaurants, some were pricey but others are affordable. Some of which are Gerry's Grill, Yellow Cab, Pig out, Conti's, Itallianis, Reyes Barbeque etc..Just beside this restos are the fish pond where children will enjoy their fish feeding activity.


See the fishes? They were actually too many of them in the pond! Fishes are very colorful too! I think you will only need to burn Php30 to fish feed. Therefore, families with children, can really find this place simply amusing.

Another activities that you can try is biking and jogging! Yey for that since I really love biking! Unfortunately, for us, the admission for biking (bikes for rental) was closed since we arrived at Nuvali at around 5pm so maybe they are not allowing 5 pm onwards(not sure though). So what we just did is to stroll around Nuvali. You can also bring your own bike via private cars in Nuvali. The picture above is just a proof of how beautiful this place is! See??

Picture Perfect. Boating is also another activity that you can enjoy in Nuvali. This is the actual lakeside where trippers/visitors can relax and just enjoy the scenic view.

Shopping!! Who doesn't love shopping? Here at Nuvali, there are outlet stores for Nike etc. Also brands such as Payless, Bench, Aldo, Nine West. Stoaked etc are also available.

Solenad 2 at Nuvali? What more can you ask for?

Avida also have real estate/houses in Nuvali as well as Crowne Asia. And they were bongga..The houses looks so pretty that you would want to buy one once you saw them. Schools are also now being built around the area such as the Xavier School and Miriam College.

And  what we really love in Nuvali is this.......The main reason why we went to NUVALI?  is the REPUBL1C Wakepark!! Yipee!

I will do separate post for the REPLUBL1C Wakepark! Oh I really love this place and will soon be coming back!


When riding in a private car, you can take the SLEX and exit to Sta Rosa. It will take you about 50 mins from Makati. I will post soon the way if you are to commute going to Nuvali. .

You can also visit this site: on how to get there..

Come and Visit Nuvali Sta Rosa Laguna! Its more fun in the Philippines!


  1. Hi I'm from Sta Rosa and visiting Itallianis is one of my favorite Laguna restaurant! :)

  2. I think I'm gonna love the place, hope I can visit it soon. Need to ask my friends too baka gusto nila sumama. Parang ang saya magpakain ng mga isda, perfect talaga to for weekend getaway in Laguna Philippines. Thanks sa info! :)

    1. Yeah this is a good place! Come and visit!

  3. Perfect place for weekend getaway with family and friends. Added this on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing! :)



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