Saturday, August 4, 2012

TRAVELS: Majayjay Falls. Laguna

Majayjay Falls also known as Taytay Falls in Majayjay, Laguna is about a two-storey falls in a remote area of Laguna. In order to reach this place, one has to go down on its trail with stone steps. Me and my friends went here during the summer season since we literally get tired of going to the beach so until we decided to take a visit to this majestic fall.

The water was freezing cold literally! So if you're planning to visit this falls, be ready to dip into a cold water. So its better to go here during the summer season to cool down..However, this place is usually packed with travellers during summer. Cottages were not available, so you can bring your own tent or just rent one from the personnels. Food were not also available inside so better bring your own baon (packed foods/cooked foods). Some also bring their grill pots wherein they cook fresh fish and meat.

Public Toilets were available when we visited. Better bring your own personal hygiene paraphernalias (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush etc).

 Majayjay Falls

As you can see, this place is jam-packed with tourists during summer season! Overnight swimming? I am not really sure if this is allowed since the electricity is not available all over the place.

Transportation wise, it is not easy to reach this place if you will be coming without a private car. One has to ride a bus, a jeep and another jeep to be able to reach the Majayjay Falls. Jeepneys has also schedules for the arrival and departure so travellers must be aware about this.

Me and my friends at Majayjay Falls, Laguna

With the experience, yes, everything was worth it. The place was relaxing with the forest and trees that surrounds the place. It was such a happy thought since this was the first time I've seen a fall. Definitely an unforgettable travel!

Come and visit Majayjay Falls, Laguna! Its more fun in the Philippines!

Love Vanessa

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