Sunday, December 16, 2012

TRAVELS: Puca Beach, Boracay

Puca Beach Boracay

Last month, Nov 3, 2012 we went back to Boracay Island, Aklan Philippines for another unforgettable experience with nature. The weather was perfect and everything has fall into place. The scenic beauty of this island has magic on it that once you've been, you will never get tired of going there again and again.

Puca beach is separated from the usual shore of the commercialized boracay. In here, there were no bars, nor hotel. We've been here before during our first time  in Boracay by means of riding a boat from our hotel. However this time, we reach this beautiful beach by riding an ATV (like a motor bike) for 30 mins while the sun was scorching hot! Nevertheless, the scenery makes it all worth it.

See how the sun was smiling on us? :-)

At Puca Beach Boracay, the water has more waves compared to a solemn and calm at the usual boracay shore. The water was cold and clear, and as expected the sand was really fine and white. We went there with lots of koreans and they were like so pleased with how beautiful the beach is. Let me give a glimpse of what I am talking about :-)

Well that's me! Enjoying every bit and every drop of the water. The waves were like pushing and pulling you at the same time which will give you more like a thrill while dipping into the water. The water as like coming from a mineral water tank! Its how clear ir is! Really God has created paradise on earth and this is just one of them!

As we walk along the shore of Puca beach, we found this cute place to take pictures with! A wooden bench where one can sit and just feel the breeze touching through your skin and be amazed of what your eyes can see..

We're like posing :-). Regardless who is in the picture, the background is such an art, a one-of-a-kind.

Let me give a last shot. This is actually the shore, and as you can see, I am the only one visible in this place, there were like just 20 of us who was in there during our visit. So if you are in hunt for a more private place to enjoy boracay, please do a visit on Puca Beach. Though we both tried riding a boat and atv in order to reach this beautiful beach, we suggest you take the ATV. More fun and more adventurous! 

It is really more fun in the Philippines! Enjoy your vacation :-)


Saturday, November 10, 2012

TRAVELS: The Peak of Mt. Tapyas in Coron, Palawan

Our last day in Coron Palawan will never be complete without seeing the entire place in a Top View.  So an early morning hike in Mt. Tapyas is better way to experience going to the top. Me and my friends went there 5am and started going up the stairs. Unlike other mountains, this have stairs which is convenient!

It is one of the mountains in Busuanga and can be reach via tricycle or just a walk from the town proper. What a better way to exercise and at the same time experience the nature! The entrance of the trail is just beside the basketball court and there you will be welcomed with stairs!

 This is the entrance going to Mt. Tapyas beside thebasketball court..

 Going to the top of the mountain will take you less than an hour to trek. We've seen some visitors who went here not just to go to the top, but also to break some sweat!

A shed is available for visitors where you can rest for a while and renew some energy to go up again!

 This is how high we have conquered. We are almost halfway going to the top! See our background? Very nice indeed.

 Finally, we reached the top! See how high the steel cross which is actually very visible at the town proper of Coron. There were hear-says that it is made of steel in order to withstand thunder storms that visits the place every now and then. But our month of visit was just a perfect weather!

Whew! Breathtaking view at the top of Mt. Tapyas. It is really is worth the effort! You can take a peak of how beautiful coron is!

 We can't get enough of the beautiful scenery that's why me and my friend keeps on clicking some souvenir pictures!

There are no entrance fee and everything is free! You must wear light and comfortable clothing, slippers or rubbershoes, bring some bottled water and towel you wipe sweat. Also camera! 

It was a nice experience especially when you share it with your friends! Come and visit Mt. Tapyas while you were in Coron, Palawan. Definitely a must see!

Till then friends!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

TRAVELS: Maquinit Hot Spring | Coron Palawan

Maquinit Hot Spring located at Coron, Palawan is just a 25 minutes away from the Town Proper. "Maquinit" derived its name from the Tagalog word "Mainit"  which means hot or warm. Oh boy, it is freakin hot at 40 degrees celcius!

We rode a tricycle going here and the road is muddy and rough.An entrance fee of 150 Pesos will take you to this hot spring. A great way to relax after a flight coming from Manila.

Maquinit Hot Spring is the only Salt Water Hot Spring in the Philippines. I usually go to Laguna for hot springs which not a salt water. Maquinit is surrounded by mangroves which makes it more of a nature trip! We meet foreigners who also indulged into this wonderful hotspring.

Wooden Footbridge surrounded by Mangroves

Me and my friends enjoying  the relaxing ambience the Maquinit Hot Spring gives us!

 You can go to the nearby lake, where the water is colder. And the view is just superb!

We only stayed for an hour and went to the nearest restaurant to enjoy the food in Coron! The only thing that might be a hassle in this hot spring is the restroom.No place to have a shower since the water is salty and you might need to wash this all off. Nevertheless, you can just rely on taking a shower in your rented hotel.  Also, the security of your things, so better have someone to look out for your things while you are enjoying the place.

What you need to know to get to Maquinit Hot Spring? You can ask a tricycle driver to take you there, for Php 300, they can accomodate up to 4 persons inside the tricycle and have them wait you outside the Hot Spring and bring you back to your hotel. But since our drivers waited for us till we finished for dinner at a restaurant, we just gave them 100 as additional payment.

Come and Visit Coron Palawan! Its more fun in the Philippines!


Friday, October 12, 2012

TRAVELS: Coron Palawan | A Paradise

HI Guys! Sorry for a very late post. I was very busy with work lately. What's best after a hardwork? Well, a very nice weekend in Paradise! Here in the Philippines, you can't deny that we are composed of 7,100 plus islands so you can choose from different tourist spots to go to. Just last weekend, we visited the Coron, Palawan!

Coron, being a first-class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines, has become one of the most visited place in Palawan. Its diving sites are to die for. Beautiful corals are well maintaned and the crystal blue green sea water are breathtaking. Tourists can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, island hopping and diving in Coron.

Travelling in Coron Palawan will take you about 45 minutes from Manila. Arriving at Busuanga Airport, you will need to ride a van about 1 hour going to the city proper of Coron. In here are hotels, restos and residential areas and the town proper.

Busuanga Airport..

When you arrived in Busuanga Airport, you will notice this monument. As what I have observed there are koreans who are in Coron when we visited.

One thing that you should not forget to do while you were in Coron? Well Food trip! There are many restaurants to choose from, such as bistro coron, Centro Coron, Macarios Grill, Blue Lagoon, Dali dali (Korean Resto) etc. The one I would recommend? Well Bistro Coron is kinda pricey but the food is tasteful! The servings are also big so you can enjoy your food. But what really is the best for me? Macarios Grill! You can easily ride tricycle around the town and ask the driver to take you to this resto!

The Food was great and affordable! And if you are a love of seafood, you will enjoy their food. Sorry I cant provide with pics with the food but the resto itself? Well got that one for you!

 Macarios Grill....

The ambience was just fine, nothing too special.. But wait, the food is just superb! After a splash to the the Maquinit Hot spring, our tricycle drivers highly recommended this resto. Just be patient to wait for your orders since the food will just be cook as you order. Rest assured the food was fresh!

Till next post! I will post other places we visited while in Coron!

Come and visit Coron, Palawan! Its more fun in the Philippines!!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

METRO: The Zone | Badminton!!

A saturday afternoon when me and my friends are thinking of ways to chillax day and at the same time to have some exercise. So we think of some activity that would make us bond and to decrease extra pounds. Nevertheless, we think of BADMINTON! Badminton is a very know-how sport. No need to undergone intensive trainingsince this has become one of the sport that every age kno ws. So we head up to the The Zone Makati to sweat and at the same time enjoy!

The Zone Makati has two types of badminton court, one is rubberized while the other one is plain cemented. You will be charged with 100 pesos if you want the rubberized one.

I learn the simple tricks in Badminton when we played. My bf taught me how to win a game! Yipee for that! But all of which was part of just making our game more exciting!

My BF and me having a match up.

Talking about sweaty face..:-) Feels good after..

Yey for the win!!

After a long 2 hours of sweating, here's what we get.. FOOD..Funny how we wanna lose some weight through playing badminton, only to eat more!!But its kinda worth it. The food was great at Gerry's Grill MOA.

Sisig Kilawin

Till the next adventure and food trip!! Thanks for reading my blog :-)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

METRO: Venice Piazza | A Taste of Italy...

Venice Piazza, located at Mckinley Hills, Taguig City began it operation last 2009. The place was mostly composed of different restaurants. may it be, for the "common masa" or for those "who can afford". Some were like the Red crab, Tokyo Cafe, The Stackers, Little Asia, Kuse, McDonald's, KFC, Reyes BBQ etc. Great place for foodies..The place is also jam packed with people during valentines day since the restaurant offers romantic ambiance. You can also expect mall shows in here from time to time.

With its Venetian Style, the ambiance of the place was like you were in Europe. As you enter the mall, you will be welcome with the Gondola which is part of its attractions. This place is just a walking distance away from my previous office so we were like always passing this place everyday but just recently I just had the idea of blogging about it. Honestly speaking, the first time I heard that our office is just blocks away from the Venice Piazza, I was so excited. Hahaha. Talking about the first times..

 Just a quick look of the place, I cant provide with the whole picture of the place since there was a tent assembled at the center.

Cute right?

 Venetial Style Architecture..

There is a playground for the kids!

 A garden is located beside the Venice Piazza where you can just relax and contemplate as you were surrounded by the green plants.

  Spacious Garden where you and you're friends can bond..

My previous office which is just near the Venice Piazza.. Accenture Mckinley...

Come and visit the Venice Piazza!

How to get to Venice Piazza?

You can ride a cab going to Venice Piazza Mckinley Hills Taguig or you can ride a City Link bus..The terminal is at the Magallanes Makati..


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TRAVEL: Second time at REPUBL1C Wakepark

Once again, me and my friends return to the REPUBL1C Wakepark at Nuvali Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Yipee for that! We had so much fun doing this kind of sport because of so many reasons. One of which is you get to enjoy swimming and balancing at the same time. Cool right?

This time, the timing was not perfect since the Wakepark just undergone into a maintenance thus it will just be open half day. The park was jam packed with visitors so expect that a long line of people before you're turn to wakeboard. Nevertheless, the experience of wakeboarding make it worth it.

So here some of the shots I took inside the park.

Long line...

Since I am just a newbie, though it's my 2nd time, I still fall in line to be in this beginner's area.

My BF and friends, on their way to try wakeboarding in the professional's area...Thumbs Up!

One of my favorite shots of mine as we end our day at REPUBL1C..

My BF on his first attempt to the professional wakeboarding area.

Again, another favorite shot..

Wakeboarding is a kind of sport that entails a lot of patience and determination. Patience because the first attempts can be hard expecially if you're not interested to learn it slowly. Determination because some parts will be crucial, you might not be able to stand on your board literally especially in the professionals area. But once you get the drill, you might become addicted to try it over and over again.

Try it yourselves guys. Expect too much sun exposures and body aches. Body aches is just during the first attempt (my first time) but on my 2nd time, all you can feel is excitement!!

Check out my other blog post on my first time to wakboard..Here's the link:

Enjoy guys! Come and visit the Republ1c Wakepark!


Monday, August 27, 2012

TRAVELS: Crystal Cove Island Boracay

Crystal Cove Island in Boracay Philippines is just one of the few islands that you can visit in this paradise. Located at the Tabon Point, Caticlan, Malay Aklan, this island offers an ALL IN experience/adventure for those who wants to free themselves from the busy lifestyle of the city. An exclusive island that has cave inside, bridges, stone formations etc. Truly it is just an amazing island!

We went here with my friends for an island hopping experience last year. It was a first time for me fo finally got to visit Boracay and we didn't waste our time to explore this hidden parradise within a paradise and this is just one of them! A tour guide officially toured us in this beautiful islad. Pictures will do justice to what I/m trying to describe..So here it is guys!

Upon entrance, you will see this welcoming name of the island wherein you can take some pictures with the crystal blue sea as your background.

This is the stairs going to the part of island wherein you can see the top view of the sea..Excited to see what's in there? Check out the next pictures!

    Me and my friends posing :-) Oh we love picture taking sessions. Who would not want to have some  souvenir picture in this beautiful island right?  Crystal Cove Island has too many beautiful spots to take pictures! This is just one, and as you can see the Palm Chair is just a great work of art. And nothing can compare to the natural art God has created which we have on our background..

   Please bear with us if you will see most of our faces :-). This is also one of the cute places inside the island. Cute isnt  it?

  This stone shed is just really beautiful! You can just realx here and see the beautiful view...

 As you explore the island, you will see this cave-like site. In here you can swim in a crystal clear sea of Boracay..

 Camwhoring in action!

Well, a stolen shot of myself but I love it! See the isolated island at the middle? well another island to explore soon!

   Camwhoring again! Me and my friends posing for another group pic. Love love love this island!

   Come and  visit Boracay Philippines! Its more fun in the Philippines!

   Feel free to leave comments below fellow readers! I would love to read them!



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