Monday, April 14, 2014

TRAVEL: Madame Tussauds Wax Museum HK

   Madame Tussauds is on my bucket list of places-to-see in Hong Kong. I am really a Fan of Museums, I love art, I love sculptures and thus when I got the chance to visit HK, I see to it that this will be the first place I will visit.

Located at the Peak where you can view the city of Hong Kong, this tourist attraction is about 15minutes from the Hong Kong MTR Central Station.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong has over 100 wax figures that composes of World leaders, celebrities, athletes, artists, scientists and more.  In here, you will be astonished on how the wax figures really looked like the real one. You can readily have your pictures taken with the famous personalities via their wax figures such as Michael Jackson, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna and more!

Take a glimpse of how the wax figure is being made. This actual mold where the head and hands are placed. You can see how intricate the details are, from the the eyelids, eyebrows, pupil, shape of the eyes, nose etc (see below picture).

The left part of the wax figure is almost done, while the other half was not fully done. You can see how artists made this wax figure so realistic that you won't think twice if is the real thing or not.. This particular wax figure is the leading character from the "IP Man" movie.

Breakfast at Tiffany's. I love that movie and Audrey Hepburn is my idol. I love her fashion style, her beauty and her aura. This might be one of my fave wax figure!

With the beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and a showbiz correspondent :-)

Of course! With the Queen of Pop, Madonna!

My Idol, Michael Jackson in the house! 

Overall, this experience is just fun fun fun!! Their wax figures might not be real but the fact that this wax figures really looked like those famous people is an art of its kind. You can touch the wax figures, look at them, feel them as if they are the real thing! Clap clap clap to the artists who create this wonderful figures.

There you go guys! Add this on your must-see places in Hong Kong! Plus, you get to experience to ride the Peak Tram going here which is enjoyable!

Till our next trip!


TRAVEL: Ngong Ping 360 Hong Kong

 3rd day of our Hong Kong Trip is to visit the Ngong Ping 360,  a must-see attraction in Hongkong and also gateway to Lantau Island. 

At the picture above, it is the Cable Car that will be your way going to the Ngong Ping Village and see it on your own eyes the Largest Buddha. One of my to-do list before is to experience riding a cable car here at Hong Kong and finally got the chance to do it! This cable car will allow you to have a view of the Lantau Island that's why it is called 360. This is also close to the Hong Kong International Airport.

 It offers tourist attractions such as the Ngong Ping Village where you can see different Buddhist Temples, Chinese Houses, Restaurants and Buddha. We were able to taste their native delicacies and the Pancit which is also popular in the Philippines. They always have hot tea after every meal which I think is because from what I have experienced, most of their dishes are oily, so a hot tea can eliminate the greasiness after a meal. Also tea, is a healthy way also to lose weight.

Inside the Ngong Ping Village are different landmarks and infrastructure. This one at my back reminds me of some of the Chinese Actions movies familiar scene/spot where there's kung fu fighting or Jackie Chan will just come out anytime. The serenity of the place is just surreal and the weather is just perfect to walk into this beautiful village.

Got to take some picture with this statue that made me think that It will be alive anytime :-)

This place is serene, solemn and calm. A place to pray and just a moment of silence to respect the place and those in the same religion.

At the peak. Giant statues that kneels and prays for the Biggest Buddha.

From my behind is the actual stairways to the Biggest Buddha.

After several steps, finally we arrived at the Peak.

Definitely worth it! This experience makes me experience first hand the culture and the beliefs of Buddhists. We all were different because of the Religion but we are still one. This is one of my most unforgettable experience to-date. The place is just calm and surreal.

A must-see place where you are in Hong Kong. Our first plan was to visit Macau on our 3rd day but instead changed our itinerary to Ngong Ping and it was all worth it! 

Till our next trip!


TRAVEL: Hong Kong Disneyland, A Magical Place

Hi Guys!!! I know, it's been months since my last post. I've been very busy with my work and other stuffs. Definitely, I'm back and I really missed blogging so much. Anyways, this post is dedicated on my recent trip in Hong Kong this March. The weather is just freezin cold! And so I need to wear boots! I'm not really used to wearing boots since I am from a Tropical country but in here I got to wear one!

Going back to our 3 days/2 nights trip in Hongkong this March 2014, It was a first time for me and my BF to actually go abroad! And this is just a memorable one! We got to experience different culture and people! Hence, we were literally got excited days before the trip.

HK Disneyland is actually on my first list to visit in Hong Kong since this is nearest Disneyland Resort in the Philippines. HK is about 3 hours plane ride from the Philippines!

We alloted our whole day in Disneyland. This is really a MAGICAL PLACE. A friend once told me that she got teary eyed when she actually got the chance to visit Disneyland. I myself got teary-eyed too! The disney songs such as "A whole new world" "Beauty and the Beast" "Its a small world" brings back childhood memories. And boy, I literally told myself that I will bring my whole family at this place soon.

Oh, this cute chipmunks were so adorable! They were teasing one another and that makes them super cool.

 This is the boulevard where you can buy some souvenirs and kiddie stuffs. A bit like our local "enchanted kingdom" in the Philippines.

Wanderin' if Cinderella will come out from that castle :-) The entrance going to the rides.

Who would not want to have a picture with Jessie and Woody! If only my nephews can come here, I know they will be very happy! They are toy story fanatic!

Since we had the whole day to enjoy the park, we actually have tried all the rides. I enjoyed every single moment I've had in this  magical place. Definitely, will be back soon.

Include this in one of your must-visit places. Travel More and Invest more on the experience life has to offer.
Definitely, to Travel is on my bucket list forever!

Thanks for reading guys!



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