Saturday, January 24, 2015

Beauty: MAC All Fired Up Lipstick

Hi Beauties! Finally another beauty blog post! To all my readers who are in the Philippines, have you watched the "English Only Please" movie where Jennylyn Mercado's makeup was really superb. After I watched the movie, I instantly gravitated to one of the scene where she wears this pink-red shade of lipstick and paired it with no eyeshadow makeup.. That lippie was really the center of my attention that time. My makeup enthusiasm really jumped off and I was in a hurry to know what's that lippie!

Finally someone posted a question from FB group of makeup artists(which i'm a member) if what Jennylyn's lippie in that movie. See? I am not the only one interested.. To cut the story short, almost all of them answered it is MAC's All Fired Up Lipstick in Retro Matte. Thus I was drawn to having this lippie!

MAC All Fired Up is a bright Fuschia Red Matte Lipstick which can easily brightens everyone's face with just a swipe! This is gonna be my fave MAC matte lipstick after the relentlessly red(my fave!).

Here's a swartch of this lippie and below is the actual lipstick once applied. For those who are not a big fan of loud-colored lipstick this might be too bright for you. But for me who loves wearing both nude and bright colored lipstick, this one is just one for the keeps! I love it.

Just don't forget to moisturize the lips prior to application if you have dry, chapped lips. A swipe of this lippie and your good to go!

Till our next makeup bonding session! Cheers!


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