Saturday, September 22, 2012

METRO: The Zone | Badminton!!

A saturday afternoon when me and my friends are thinking of ways to chillax day and at the same time to have some exercise. So we think of some activity that would make us bond and to decrease extra pounds. Nevertheless, we think of BADMINTON! Badminton is a very know-how sport. No need to undergone intensive trainingsince this has become one of the sport that every age kno ws. So we head up to the The Zone Makati to sweat and at the same time enjoy!

The Zone Makati has two types of badminton court, one is rubberized while the other one is plain cemented. You will be charged with 100 pesos if you want the rubberized one.

I learn the simple tricks in Badminton when we played. My bf taught me how to win a game! Yipee for that! But all of which was part of just making our game more exciting!

My BF and me having a match up.

Talking about sweaty face..:-) Feels good after..

Yey for the win!!

After a long 2 hours of sweating, here's what we get.. FOOD..Funny how we wanna lose some weight through playing badminton, only to eat more!!But its kinda worth it. The food was great at Gerry's Grill MOA.

Sisig Kilawin

Till the next adventure and food trip!! Thanks for reading my blog :-)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

METRO: Venice Piazza | A Taste of Italy...

Venice Piazza, located at Mckinley Hills, Taguig City began it operation last 2009. The place was mostly composed of different restaurants. may it be, for the "common masa" or for those "who can afford". Some were like the Red crab, Tokyo Cafe, The Stackers, Little Asia, Kuse, McDonald's, KFC, Reyes BBQ etc. Great place for foodies..The place is also jam packed with people during valentines day since the restaurant offers romantic ambiance. You can also expect mall shows in here from time to time.

With its Venetian Style, the ambiance of the place was like you were in Europe. As you enter the mall, you will be welcome with the Gondola which is part of its attractions. This place is just a walking distance away from my previous office so we were like always passing this place everyday but just recently I just had the idea of blogging about it. Honestly speaking, the first time I heard that our office is just blocks away from the Venice Piazza, I was so excited. Hahaha. Talking about the first times..

 Just a quick look of the place, I cant provide with the whole picture of the place since there was a tent assembled at the center.

Cute right?

 Venetial Style Architecture..

There is a playground for the kids!

 A garden is located beside the Venice Piazza where you can just relax and contemplate as you were surrounded by the green plants.

  Spacious Garden where you and you're friends can bond..

My previous office which is just near the Venice Piazza.. Accenture Mckinley...

Come and visit the Venice Piazza!

How to get to Venice Piazza?

You can ride a cab going to Venice Piazza Mckinley Hills Taguig or you can ride a City Link bus..The terminal is at the Magallanes Makati..


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TRAVEL: Second time at REPUBL1C Wakepark

Once again, me and my friends return to the REPUBL1C Wakepark at Nuvali Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Yipee for that! We had so much fun doing this kind of sport because of so many reasons. One of which is you get to enjoy swimming and balancing at the same time. Cool right?

This time, the timing was not perfect since the Wakepark just undergone into a maintenance thus it will just be open half day. The park was jam packed with visitors so expect that a long line of people before you're turn to wakeboard. Nevertheless, the experience of wakeboarding make it worth it.

So here some of the shots I took inside the park.

Long line...

Since I am just a newbie, though it's my 2nd time, I still fall in line to be in this beginner's area.

My BF and friends, on their way to try wakeboarding in the professional's area...Thumbs Up!

One of my favorite shots of mine as we end our day at REPUBL1C..

My BF on his first attempt to the professional wakeboarding area.

Again, another favorite shot..

Wakeboarding is a kind of sport that entails a lot of patience and determination. Patience because the first attempts can be hard expecially if you're not interested to learn it slowly. Determination because some parts will be crucial, you might not be able to stand on your board literally especially in the professionals area. But once you get the drill, you might become addicted to try it over and over again.

Try it yourselves guys. Expect too much sun exposures and body aches. Body aches is just during the first attempt (my first time) but on my 2nd time, all you can feel is excitement!!

Check out my other blog post on my first time to wakboard..Here's the link:

Enjoy guys! Come and visit the Republ1c Wakepark!



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