Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beauty: Lipstick and Blush Combo | Peaches

I am in love with peaches lately..Anything that has a peachy pink shade makeup is candy to my eyes. Recently I've been sporting peach makeups. Oh I really love them. I have come to the idea of doing some lip and blush combo on my blog. Just to identify which blush/blushes works well with another shade of Lipstick. This combination includes 2 blushes and 1 lipstick. The lipstick that i purchased unintentionally since I was just roaming around the mall and the shade really did caught my eyes.

The Balm Hot Mama Blush, Bobbi Brown Soft Coral Lipstick and NARS Orgasm Blush

My Individual reviews for blushes in this link My Blushes..

Bobbi Brown Soft Coral

This lipstick is very moisturizing. Doesn't dry out my lips.Thus you wont need a balm underneath. The texture was creamy and the color is sheer. When you swipe this on your lips, it will give you a peach/coral shade..Perfect for the summer. I love pairing this with either Hot Mama or Orgasm. The blush color doesn't clash with the lip color. It really compliment the shade of the lipstick. The outcome? Very summery! Peachy cheeks with a peachy lips! Gorgeous!

                   Bobbi Brown Lipstick on my lips!

You can try out this combination ladies! 

More lip and blush combination next time! 

Love Vanessa


Monday, July 30, 2012

TRAVELS: Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

A shimmering sea with powdery white sand shore, that's how you can describe the beach of Puerto Galera..We went here during the summer season in the Philippines since it has become one of the booming tourist destination for beach lovers in Luzon. This is also accessible because you don't need to ride a plane in order to get here. This is just 3 hours away from Manila by land and sea.

Puerto Galera is a municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. For the baksyonistas (tourists), Puerto galera's beach is divided into two, the "White Beach" and the "Sabang". The "White Beach" is composed of a more commercialized area (bars, restos, resorts) wherein it has a tendency to become crowded during peak seasons while the "Sabang" part is more of a secluded area, solemn and private which also offers private resorts . So if you want a more private time, I suggest go to the "Sabang" part.

Pictures after the jump!

 First Day in Puerto Galera..

 Lush Mountains

 Actual Shore of White Beach, Puerto Galera

The waves..

Activities in Puerto Galera:

There were like numerous activities to try for, but based on what we've seen some were as follows:

  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Bonfires
  • Playing Volleyball
  • Beach Hopping
  • Jetski
  • Rock Climbing
  • Motorcycle riding

And more!! Visit the Puerto Galera Site for more info!

Come and Visit Puerto Galera! It's more fun in the Philippines!


If you're coming from Manila, you can ride a bus(Buendia/Gil Puyat) going to the Batangas Port. This will take you about 2 hours. When you arrived at the Batangas Port, you can go to Terminal 3 where you find the boats going to Puerto Galera. This will take about 1-1.5 hours. One way will cost you around 250( that's the amount during our visit) but some boats will offer you 450 for a round trip. Also consider paying the environmental fee at the Terminal. There are schedules for arrival and departure, it's up to you what to choose.

Hope this post will help those who are planning to take a vacation in Puerto Galera.


Love Vanessa


Saturday, July 28, 2012

TRAVELS: Ilagan Sanctuary, Isabela

Pinzal Falls

Ilagan Sanctuary is a protected sanctuary located at Sta Victoria, Ilagan, Isabela..It is composed of Santa Victoria caves, Fuyot Springs national park and Pinzal falls.  Fuyot Springs National Park is desgnated for the wildlife and gardens. Santa Victoria cave has limestones and rock formations that visitors would love to see.  After some trekking, you can dip in to the basin of the Pinzal Falls. You will need to conquer the muddy and rocky roads in order to reach this majestic fall.

Here's the actual trekking we had going to the Pinzal Falls.

 Rocky Roads

 You will also need to walk,walk and walk.

 Finally we arrived!!

Me and my friends in the Pinzal Falls.

Aside from trekking going to the Pinzal Falls, friends and family can enjoy picnic and use of swimming pool at the Fuyot Springs National Park..You can also bring your food. This will be a great idea for bonding with friends!

 Ensaladang talong, perfect with inihaw na isda for our lunch! Yum Yum!

Swimming Pool

Another activity is to enjoy the swimming pool! The water comes from the falls itself so you can be sure that it is clean. The water was actually very cold!

Come and visit Ilagan Sanctuary, Isabela! Its More Fun in the Philippines!


Isabela is approximately 405 kilometers away from Manila and thus you can ride a bus from Cubao going to Isabela. It will take you about 9 hours before you could reach the town proper. You can also get there via plane and arrive at the Cauayan Airport. From there, if you have a friend/relatives from Isabela, you could ask him/her to tour you around Isabela (Ilagan Santuary).

Another way is when you reached the Ilagan town proper, you could ask tricycle drivers to take you to the park.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

TRAVELS: Tree Top Adventure, Subic

Tree Top Adventure is becoming one of the tourist destination in Northern Luzon. This offers an experience that surely everyone will enjoy especially those who love adventure.

Tree Top Adventure in Subic Pampanga, Philippines is composed of different activities as follows:
  • Canopy Ride
  • Superman Ride
  • Rapelling
  • Silver Surfer
  • Trekking
  • Free Fall Adventure
  • Canopy Walk
 There were packages to choose from but we have chosen the package that offers the Silver Surfer, Superman Ride and Free Fall Adventure.

 Interactive Free-Fall Adventure

Interactive Free-Fall Adventure is hanging upside down. It will towers you up and drops you down in a snap! This was really the ride that i really enjoyed. Some will say that this ride will cause you to throw up but as for me, all I felt was enjoyment!

 Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer, as the name implied, is like surfing above the ground and in the air! This is probably high, 10-80 feet high! You will need to grab those handrails in order for you stay safe however some brave ones prefer just spreading their arms( which for me is not advisable). This ride will take you about 5-10 mins if I'm correct which is probably the longest time we spent among the 3 rides. Be ready to be thrown like you were surfing and have your feet stay on the barrels.

 Superman Ride

Superman Ride is something that you should not miss to try. You were like flying once you tried this ride.
You can extend your arms in front as if you are Superman. The thrill part is that is will pause for a while at the end of the rope and as you move forward, you will move like a flash! It's kinda scary since you were in the height of 100 meters above the ground! But the experience was all worth it.

   My friends in Superman Ride!

The rides were one of a kind! It was like a theme park in the middle of the forest! Safety precautions were provided before taking a ride and it was a good thing. Friends and families will really enjoy. This is also a good place for team building among colleagues and office mates. Truly one of a kind!


We rode a bus, Victory Liner from Cubao to Olongapo. It will take you about 4-5 hours.A friend used her car to take us a tour in Subic.

Another way is to have a private car takes you going to Subic via NLEX. Grab a map and you're good to go!

Check out the rates of the bus and tree top adventure site for more info!

Come and Visit Tree Top Adventure. Its more fun in the Philippines!

Love Vanessa



This post will be unrelated to what I used to post like travels, beauty and food. I just read this article from the Philippine star To the twentysomething who wants to change the world..(An article worth reading). It just hit me right in my heart and I feel like I need to share it with you guys.

I still remember when I was a fresh grad from a university, all I have in my mind was to get a job, give my salary to my mother and to know how does it feel to be in a corporate world. Also, I remember, I love seeing myself in an office attire, and be greeted by the guards with " Good Morning Ma'am." It felt like I was in cloud 9.

Then 1 year has passed, and I begun thinking, I just got paid to pay my bills, such as rent for the apartment, electricity, food and sometimes worst case is that I don't have enough money to support myself for the next 2 weeks(before the payday). I even don't have money to buy for groceries. And that's when I start to think, is this the life I wanted?. I can't even support my mother, and all I have left in my pocket is budget to commute going to work. I still remember when I used to lend some money from a friend and when payday comes, I will just pay her back and lend again and all just happens like a cycle.

I just realized I need to do something. I have strive and found a new job. This time it is the job I wanted, a Computer Programmer. However, the beginning was very difficult. I was able to land the job but all they can offer for the first 6 months is an allowance of Php3,000 per month which I believe will not be enough to support my daily necessities such as budget for food and transport. It was hard because my parents are counting on me during that time. It was a dilemma, a really hard one. My parents at first disagreed but I told them this is an opportunity. I will be trained for 6 months and after I will be a regular employee. So overall, I accept the job. The first 6 months was crucial. Whenever I left with no money, I will lend from my mother and that really hurts me that time. But I said, no turning back, so I continued. After 6 months, that's the time the true salary will come my way..However, it was still not enough. I lasted for 3 years in that salary, but I am still financially unstable. So when another opportunity comes, I grabbed it.

However, the experience with that next company was not that good, my boss would raise her voice on me and sometimes all I received was disappointment. All i did was to sit on my cube, and cried. I tried to stay since I need to support my family. But I reached that point when I also have to stay to what I believed in and tried my luck to contact a friend. She referred me to another work. And now, I feel like the work I have now is all worth it. The people are friendly and they have good leadership. I'm starting to love it here. And I was able to support my family.

The point is, life has challenges and sometimes it offers difficulties that we tend to just give up. We are like walls where anyone can throw us thrush, dirt, paint on us, but a wall will still stand up and will remain sturdy. The dirts are the problems and sorrows. They keep coming back but as long as we're strong enough to receive all of these and remain sturdy, we will succeed. It is by faith and trust to the Lord and oneself.

To all the fresh graduates out there, keep in mind that finding a job will be difficult at first because of the competition. Don't lose hope. Sometimes all you need is guts and glory. You need to believe in yourself. I myself, is not a graduate in one of the "STAR" universities here in the Philippines, but I can say that our school also produces quality education. Be not afraid, to try and try again when you fail. If all the inventors did not try again whenever they fail, there will be no airplanes, telephones, electricity, bridge, buildings, satellites , computers etc. Imagine life without people who took the risks. Be patient for God has plans for you and He will grant all of them in the right time. Keep the faith!

Thank you all..

Love Vanessa


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beauty: MAC Semi Precious Collection Eyeshadows

When MAC released their semi precious collection last year 2011, I gave it a shot..Since I love makeup that are mineralize, I bought these eyeshadows, Faux Gold and Hint of Saphire.

Faux Gold (picture on the left) is a melange of copper, gold and orange..When you swirl them together you will achieve that gold color with orange undertone. It is shimmery which makes it perfect for night out and even during the day since it is neutral. At first, I didn't find this special amongst all other shades but this really stand out after the Makeup Artist put this on my lids. It was gold on my lids! I use this in the office, and I received compliments whenever I wore this.

Hint of Sapphire (picture on the right) is a melange of blue, violet and green. What have caught my attention is that it looks like "planet earth". And this really caught me so I bought it! However if you swirl them together, it will create like a violet shade of eyeshadow.  But since it is kinda colorful to my taste, I dont wear this much often. I only use this when there are special occasions or when I just needed to make my eye color pop out.

So here are the swatches.

 Swatch of Faux Gold

 Swatch of Hint of Sapphire

Hint of Sapphire

I'm planning to have a blog sale this month. Please do check it out! Im planning to sell some of my pre-loved makeups! Brands such as mac, covergirl, max factor are for sale!


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TRAVELS: Blue Lagoon | Agua Grande, Ilocos Norte

Agua Grande (known as dakkel a danum in Ilokano) is located at the edge of the Patapat Viaduct in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. We were on the cliff when we took this picture. Agua Grande is also a river park/ resort that accommodate guests. Much to my surprise, this is a mini hydro electric power plant built by Marcos (ex-Philippine President) to supply electricity to the residents of Pagudpud. You can see from the picture that the current produced by the water is strong and thus, it can be a source of hydro electric power.

 Blue lagoon is a half-moon shaped bay in Pagudpud. More pictures and details after this!

 Agua Grande Resort

Agua Grande Resort with a strong current!

Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud is what they've known as " The Boracay of the North". With its whitesand, clear blue water and panoramic view, this can be a resemblance of the Boracay in Aklan. The current of the water during our visit was very strong which I really enjoyed while swimming (if you love challenge). There are several  resorts situated near the Blue Lagoon so you can enjoy the place more. If you're resort is afar from this lagoon, you will only pay 20 pesos as entrance, never mind paying them as long as they maintain the cleanliness of the place.

See the waves? This waves are perfect for surfing..

Scenic view..Breath-Taking view at the top of the Blue Lagoon.

When we were in Ilocos, our resort was situated at Saud Beach which is far from this blue lagoon. So as an advice to those who wants to visit Ilocos, better have your resort near the Blue Lagoon since this is by far better than Saud beach (according to what we have experienced).

Come and Visit Blue Lagoon and Agua Grande, Ilocos Norte! Its more fun in the Philippines!

HOW TO GET TO Blue Lagoon and Agua Grande, Ilocos Norte?

 Well as for us, we technically had a tour guide from Ilocos, who you can also contact when you want to take a visit in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. We were like 8 in a group and all in all, we paid Php10,000 - Php 12,000(Philippine Peso)(Forgot the exact price) for 2 days tour around Ilocos. If you want his contact details, Kuya Marlon please drop an email or leave a comment below..

 We rode Florida Bus (Espanya) going to Ilocos. It takes us about 6-8 hours..But definitely, all was worth it.

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Love Vanessa


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beauty: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Review

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural is a dome-shape powder with minerals that is slowly-baked. It helps to achieve that natural looking skin without overdoing. This offers low coverage to the skin and is best use as a finishing powder after you put in foundation.

MAC MSF is a candy to my eyes. I love how this powder looks in the pan. To me, it lasted for about 6-8 months on my vanity kit, and when I hit the pan, I had a lookout for another powder, thus I end up purchasing the MAC Studio Fix foundation..However, I prefer the powder that will give me that glow, which I did not experienced with MAC Studio Fix.(that's on my preference). Review on this link: MAC Studio Fix Review

 So when I was in MAC Glorietta, I can't say no to this! So even if I am not yet finished with the studio fix powder, I bought this!

This is my second time to purchase this powder.. I love it to bits..I can say that this is m HG powder as of the moment.

See Pictures Below.

Finely milled powder..

  • Very light-weight powder
  • Best if you want just to look natural with this powder on your face
  • Cute dome shape powder
  • Will last a long time since it is baked
  • Good for sensitive skin because it is mineralize
  • Fine shimmers which is a plus for me (shimmer lover)
  • Create dewy/glowy effect (as for me!)
  • Good Setting Powder after the foundation

  • Pricey/ Expensive
  • No Mirror
  • The dome tends to break if accidentally dropped ( based from other users)
  • Sheer coverage not as heavy as Studio Fix powder coverage

My advice would be this: If you don't need a powder, and you're good with just using baby powder then try other brands such as Maybelline, Revlon which I totally love. But if you have a budget and you want to splurge once in a while as a reward to yourself, this might be a good powder for you. My second time to purchase can be a proof to that!


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Monday, July 16, 2012

TRAVELS: Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Paoay Church is a Catholic Church situated in the Municipality of Paoay, Ilocos Norte. It is also known as San Agustin Church.This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its Earthquake Baroque architecture. From a far, the facade is picture perfect because of it baroque, Gothic and oriental designs. A bell tower also stands at the right side of the church.

Clearly, Philippines was blessed with its churches that withstand different forces of nature and has historical significance. Paoay Church is just one of them, and it is something that shows how truly our country is full of historical advantage.

Paoay Church, UNESCO World Heritage Site


A Combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental Design of the Church

 This is what you can see outside the church. Spacious Garden. 

Something that you can read to know the history behind the Paoay Church.

 Come and visit Ilocos Norte! It's More Fun in the Philippines!

HOW TO GET TO Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte?

 Well as for us, we technically had a tour guide from Ilocos, who you can also contact when you want to take a visit in Ilocos and Ilocos Norte. We were like 8 in a group and all in all, we paid Php10,000 - Php 12,000(Philippine Peso)(Forgot the exact price) for 2 days tour around Ilocos. If you want his contact details, Kuya Marlon please drop an email or leave a comment below..

 We rode Florida Bus (Espanya) going to Ilocos. It takes us about 6-8 hours..But definitely, all was worth it.

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Love Vanessa


Saturday, July 14, 2012

TRAVELS: Baguio, Philippines

The City of Baguio is located at the Northern Luzon Island in the Philippines. It is the Summer capital of the Philippines because of its altitude, cold weather is all over the place whereas other parts of the country were in heat during summer season. February is the month for its annual Panagbenga Festival (Flower Festival) where locals decorated their floats with fresh flowers and locals wear flower-inspired costumes while performing street dancing. Thus. February is one the busiest months in Baguio since tourists are packed and it is a month-long celebration.

Baguio is filled with tourist attractions such as the Mines Views, Camp John Hay, Wright Park,  Botanical Garden, Teacher's Camp, The Mansion, Tam-awan Village, Strawberry Farm, Burnham Park, Baguio Cathedral etc..Taxi and Jeepneys are are among the main form of transportation within Baguio but most of the time, taxi is preferred by tourists since it is the easiest way for commuters who are not familiar with the place. So I suggest that a private vehicle is more convenient if you want to explore Baguio.

My first time in Baguio was during its Panagbenga Festival and it wasn't that easy to roam around since the place was jam-packed with tourists! Literally speaking. Nevertheless, me and my friends still managed to explore the city.

So here are some of the pictures we took when we were in Baguio!

A view of the Cordillera Mountains from Mines View Park

The Mansion

The Baguio Cathedral

Burnham Park Activity Area

 Just one of the many floats in Panagbenga Festival

Street dancing with flower-inspired Costumes

 Dancing Fairies...

Artistic Floats...

 Come and visit Baguio City! Its more fun in the Philippines!


There are several bus terminals in Metro Manila, but ours was Victory Liners in Cubao, Pasay, Monumento Bus Terminals.Paid around Php500 pesos and up for bus fare.  It will take you about 6- 7 hours of travel from Manila to Baguio depending on the weather and bus stops. You may also take with you you're private car. Don't know exactly the travel hours .If you are a commuter, taxi in Baguio is convenient and you can just ask them to take you to your destination as if they were your tour guide.

Lots of hotels are available in Baguio for accomodation. If you and you're friends are in a budget, you can also inquire about the transient houses. As for us, we stayed at Eurotel Baguio and another hotel near the Burnham Park( Can't remember the hotel name).

Be sure to bring jackets with you when you are in Baguio, wear comfortable shoes and camera too!

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Love Vanessa



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