Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fashion: Office Outfit

Floral skirt and pink blazer! Good thing this outfit really compliment each other. Perfect to liven up the gloomy weather we have here in the Philippines!

Wearing Forever 21 Pink Blazer and floral skirt!

I know neutral colors are the usual color of clothes for the office. However, injecting colors into your outfit makes it more fashionable.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Travels: Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong is where you can check the famous stars walk of fame of Hong Kong like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. This is to give tribute to Hong Kong's Film Industry.

Located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong is one of the tourist attraction in the country. This is also inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Main attraction in here is the Symphony of lights which features the amazing light show.

 The weather was freezing cold during our visit thus you can see how foggy it is in the picture.

    This statuesque is like those of Oscars I guess..

The lights of the buildings are really breathtaking.

Till our next travel!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fashion: Sheinside Blush Dress

Love love this dress from Sheinside. Perfect as a Dress for weddings and other events.

The muted pink color of the dress, intricate beading on top and the flare botton of this dress is what makes this perfect for any event.

This soft blush dress has been featured by my favorite Filipina Fashion bloggers such as Kryz Uy and Camille Co.

Photo Courtesy:,

The muted pink color, flare bottom and intricate design on top is just gorgeous! For a change, I worn it with belt so that it will not look so straight. Just to add up some curve.

Get this one now at!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fashion: Style Inspiration Kim Kardashian

Another style inspiration coming from the ever stylish Kim Kardashian. This reality superstar/mom/ entrepreneur is making waves when it comes to fashion. Second to my favorite Olivia Palermo who is my style icon.

In the office today, I recreate Kim"s sophisticated yet stylish look. Here it is!

                   A pink blazer with a black dress.

This is prefect for work or just do some meetings. You can always remove the blazer to make this outfit more casual!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fashion: Royal Blue Skirt

A First time for me to post an OOTD ( Outfit of the Day). I am a fan of several fashion blogs such as those of camille co,, kryz uy etc and I've always wanted to have a fashion blog though I know that my closet will not be enough to pursue that dream. Currently I am more into Fashion than Make-up. I don't know why but maybe since my brother loves watching ANTM, Project Runway etc., and so my love for Fashion has began.

Apology if this shot was very amateur. Only used a camera phone to capture this picture. Got fascinated that one of my office outfit is the same with 1 of our local celebrity! Take a look!

Royal blue skirt combined with green floral top is just so cute! This type of skirt I saw worn by Olivia Palermo (my style icon) but only in white. I just saw how versatile this skirt is, since you can pair it with just a white shirt for more of a casual look, chambray or any flowy top! Perfect for summer!

Thanks for reading guys!


Beauty: Inglot Freedom Palette

Inglot has finally arrived in PH! I might be too late to explore this new brand but I have always wanted to try Inglot! Their freedom palette are my favorite! You can combine different shades of your choice and have it customized just for you! You can combine a lippie, blush and eyeshadow in 1 palette! Great is'nt it? More space on your makeup kit of course!

Finally got to own 1 palette. Combination of 2 eyeshadows and 1 blush! I am in love with coral look, thus this palette really rocks!

Comes in a magnetic case which I know any makeup junkie would love!

The only downside is if you are not a fan of not having a mirror in a makeup then this will not suit you. However, if this is not issue then this is a really nice addition to your makeup kit. It saves up space on your kit! No need to bring separate eyeshadow, lipstick and blush on because this palette got it all for you. There are a lot of palette to choose from! This just the only one I got since I do have some lippies that I need to finish up!

Get yours now ladies! Enjoy. #inglotph



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