Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beauty: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 | Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
The most coveted neutral palette that was raved by beauty bloggers, makeup enthusiasts and vain at heart.

Naked Palette 2, is the next line up after the Naked Palette 1.This eyeshadow consists of neutral colors which are easy to play with your eyes. Perfect for those who love natural looking makeup, not over the top colors. It comes with a gloss, which I was not able to post in here. I had once an eye on this during its first release, however the price was too steep and I rethink about buying it. Fortunately there was a beauty bazaar and I bought this half the price! 

The palette consists of 12 shades which are in the shade of brown, black and gray. Great for that soft smokey eye looks that actress Mila Kunis is sporting a lot these days. You can have a brown smokey eye look at work or create that sultry seductive smokey eyes on special occasions. You can never go wrong with just a swipe of a brown eyeshadow on your eyelids for that natural looking eye look.

 (From Urban Decay site)

The most anticipated sequel of the decade! Our new palette is meticulously packed with 12 Taupe + Greige Neutrals.

The most anticipated sequel of the decade. Naked2 has 12 pigment-rich, taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows. Our palette proves once again, neutral is anything but boring, (and is downright sexy when worn Naked). Feast your eyes on our shades ranging from pale to deep, matte to sparkly. This collection lets you achieve lots of neutral looks, smoky dramatic eyes, and everything in between. Let's just say there's a whole new way to get Naked!

The case has an art-school inspired look with hinged lid – taupe metal with embossed chocolate brown artwork. It's smooth, modern and cool to the touch – a real tactile experience. Plus, our palette also features a travel-size Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked, AND a double-ended, cruelty-free Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush (available only in this palette). Any self-respecting makeup lover will have to have both palettes to get their complete neutral fix!

Fill Weight: Eyeshadow: 12 x 1.3g e 12 x 0.05 US oz, Lip Junkie: 3.23ml e 0.11 US fl oz

 Top View of Naked 2

 Side View of Naked 2

 Metallic Casing

  • it has shades that is suitable for everyday wear
  • the colors are pigmented
  • very versatile
  • kinda bulky on your makeup bag
  • pricey
  • some of the matte shades are almost the same with one another
  • doesn't stay long on my eye lids so better use an eye primer
For me, you can check out other neutral palettes in the market such as those from Bobbi Brown, Maybelline and Laura Mercier which are nice too! This palette has only been used once when I had a wedding to attend. Other than that, I always use my MAC Faux Gold on my eye lids which I had reviewed on this link:
Thanks for dropping by ladies! Till our next beauty session!


Beauty: MAC Brave Lipstick, A Nude Shade

MAC Brave Lipstick, is a Satin Finish Lipstick from MAC, which a blue tone pink. It is sheen and can be a versatile if you put a thick layer on it on your lips. Having bought a lot of loud colored lipsticks, I was really in the hunt for the nude lipstick perfect for the smokey eyes. I have tried the blankety, angel and peachstock on me but none of them suit my skin tone (I'm NC 30 by the way). I looked pale/corpse on those shades so it was really a jackpot when I finally see the perfect nude lipstick for me!

Introducing the MAC Brave Lipstick. I was never aware that there's this shade of lipstick that suits me well. I had the pink nouveau, nicki, party parrot and all of them were on a pink shade. And this is the only nude lipstick I have on my makeup kit!  I use this when it do not want to look so party-like and this has been my go-to lipstick shade when I want to look more natural. My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade I suppose!

In every MAC Tube comes with the code (A52 in the picture) which happens to be the manufacturing date of the lipstick so you can check if your lipstick has finally reached its expiration. You can check further on the internet for the meaning of such code. Lipsticks, as what I have read on the internet, will lasts for 2 years. So better always check this label (manufacturing date) to avoid using expired lipsticks. Yayks!

MAC Brave on my lips

 Swatch of the MAC Brave Lipstick on my hand

  • It is not pale on the lips
  • It has a hint of color that looks natural on your lips
  • It is not drying
  • MLBB (My lips but better)

  • It is pricey
  • Nothing else

There are some drugstore brand that is affordable. I am honestly eyeing on Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Angel Rose which a pale pink. But if you have budget, why not splurge on this lipstick!

Stay tune for more beauty reviews! Till our next beauty session <#


Beauty: MAC Stereo Rose 'Mineralize' Skinfinish: Glow on your skin

 MAC Stereo Rose, A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face.(mac website)

This highlighter/blush has always been a hype in the beauty world. Being a limited edition product by MAC, this has been the one of the most coveted MSF aside from Soft and Gentle. I think, limited edition is a marketing strategy since consumers will more likely to give in with the hype. However, if the product serves well, then a beauty junkee like me will never falter from trying this luxurious dome of beauty.

 If you are a makeup lover like me, you already know that
MAC Stereo Rose was launched in the previous MAC Collections and now it has been relaunched in the Apres Chic Collection. The peachy sheen and gold vein on the dome once swirled together creates that beautiful peachy golden color. It can be applied over you favorite blush to have that dewy/glowing skin as what Jennifer Lopez is fond of. Or you can use it alone for that sheer glow on your cheeks.

 MAC Stereo Rose with Box

MAC Stereo Rose content

Due to popular demand, this has been sold out from the MAC Online store and even on local stores. I had myself even confused if I had to get my hands on it or buy my HG Powder, the MSF Natural instead. But the Makeup Artist convinced me to rather get this one since the MSF Natural is available all year long and belongs to the permanent line unlike this one. So she really is a good seller and I got this one! The last one actually in the store!

Here's the swatch of the Highlighter/Blush On.. If you are into coral stuff especially on makeup this is really a nice one to keep on your makeup kit. Because it is mineralized, the product will last a long time. 

  • It is peach (my fave color at the moment!)
  • It is shimmery
  • It is a good highlighter
  • The content will last me a long time
  • Since it is mineralized, the product itself is safe for sensitive skin
  • It stays on your cheeks for 4 hours
  • It is pricey, I bought mine at MAC Rustan's for Php1,750 :-(
  • The shade is not visible/pigmented for different skin tone
  • The packaging is not sturdy. 
  • This is overrated

Well, that will be all my inputs. I'm using it everyday and it didn't give me a skin break out. My friends actually noticed how beautiful the product on my cheeks. And because of it, I have my second thoughts of selling it (yes! I really wanted to sell it the first time I used it).

Thanks for reading :-) Till our next beauty session!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

METRO: Luneta Park | Manila: Experience the Philippine History

Rizal Park also known as Luneta Park (lunette) because of its crescent shape, is situated at the heart of the city of Manila. It is adjacent to the walled city known as Intramuros. The Park has been the place for leisure by many Filipinos even before the malls were founded. I still remember during my childhood that me and my family used to visit Luneta Park to bond, unwind and spend some quality time together. Thus it has become one of the major tourist destinations in Manila.

The monument from the picture is the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal. Thus the park was renamed as Rizal Park in his honor and the monument became the focal point of the park.

A huge garden where visitors can have a picnic bonding.

A mini lagoon and dancing fountains that fascinates every visitor. Dancing fountains are color coordinated and comes with music every time it performs.

 Kalesa, a horse drawn carriage which is popular in the Philippines during the Spanish era as a form of transportation is also ready to take the park's tourists to a higher level of experiencing Manila. This cinderella-like Kalesa caught my attention, as if it will fly anytime and will then take you to your prince charming :-).

The Kalesa touring around the Luneta Park as if it is in the hunt for a passenger. Definitely a must-try especially for foreigners who are fond of discovering filipino culture.

Lapu Lapu statue or status of Sentinel of Freedom, is also one of tourist attraction here at Luneta Park. The monument is actually a gift from Korea for the filipinos who helped them during the Korean War.  Lapu Lapu is the very first native Filipino who fought against the colonization of the Spaniards.

The statue is really that tall that you can see from a far. Tourists like me can take some pictures with the statue as your background.

Well, that maybe all for now. I know some of the teenagers would instead prefer to visit malls, however, visiting one of the country's heritage place as part of our culture and history must also be considered. From time to time, Luneta Park/ Rizal Park is worth the visit just to reminisce and reflect on the Philippine History.

Come and visit Luneta Park. Its more fun in the Philippines.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Beauty: Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15 Review

Hi Ladies!

      Looking for a moisturizer that has sun protection? Well that’s not new to the beauty world. I, myself is always in hunt for that perfect moisturizer that will give me that glow and firm skin. Living in a tropical country, using moisturizer is a must since the skin tends to dry out due to excessive sun exposure. Thus a product which will give moisture and protection at the same time is a winner for us!

     Presenting my newly discovered moisturizer,  Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15 which claims to provide long-lasting moisturization with effective sun protection.

From the bottle it says:
  • ·         Lightweight formula moisturizes skin throughout the day
  • ·         PABA-free SPF 15 sunscreens block UVB/UVA rays
  • ·         Non-comedogenic Formula won’t clog pores that can cause skin to break out
  • ·         Dermatologist tested. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free. Alcohol free. 

I took a photo of the product itself.2 pumps of the product is enough for my whole face and a pump for my neck. 100 ML? Not bad though.

    As you can see the consistency is like other moisturizer. However this one, once absorbed will not look like a white cast on your face.

   See? It is well absorbed by skin as soon as you spread evenly the product. I usually apply this before I put on my liquid foundation.

  I did a beauty road test to this product after using my previous product for quite a long time. I was quite hesitant at first but being certified kikay (English translation: vain) , I thought maybe I should give this a try. For your reference my skin is combination skin, my forehead is oily skin, and my cheeks are dry.  I put this every morning after bath, and hoolah the product is sheen when applied on the face.


  • ·         It sheen so you can apply it underneath your foundation
  • ·         It is fastly absorbed by the skin
  • ·         It has sun protection
  • ·         You a small amount for the whole face
  • ·         Non-comedogenic which is good for sensitive skin
  • ·         No fragrance
  • ·         Lightweight

  • ·         It is pricey (around 600 - 700 Php)
  • ·         It tends to make you look oily if you have oily skin
  • ·         The sun protection must at least be higher
  • ·       100 ML for the price is unjustifiable
   So overall, I had so many things to love about this product more than those which i don’t love about it. As for us who are always into exploring new beauty products, I can say that this is  a must try.

Thanks Ladies!



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