Thursday, December 26, 2013

Beauty: LOREAL Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation

Hello Ladies and my Readers! It's been a while I know that I've updated my blog. My laptop's keys were apparently damaged but now I'm back into blogging! Yipee for that! I have so many new beauty products that I want to review. First on my list is this one from Loreal!

With SPF 24 | PA+++.  Radiance is the unique light that glows from the most beautiful skins. Loreal invents Lucent Magique, the 1st Light-Creating Foundation that illuminates every inch of your skin for a lively complexion..From this description from its box, I was sold! Anything that will make my skin illuminates is music to my ears. I love makeup that will make me look like glowing!

This foundation comes with a pump which is hygienic. The bottle is sleek and the rose gold color of its container is just gorgeous. The product itself is light-weight. You won't feel any greasiness, it just applies wonderfully on your skin and is not sticky. The after effect is a Lit from within. If you want to sustain that glow, my advice is do not over powder, meaning, you can powder only to the T-Zone of your face and not on the whole face. This foundation however, doesn't stay that long for me. Meaning after a couple of hours, the effect of glowing skin somehow diminishes. So you might want to use a setting spray or a face primer.

With the price, this is an affordable foundation perfect for everyday use. I love how this is comparable to my BB cream, since the effect of this foundation is sheer. Not matte which I love. However, for those with oily skin, this might not be suited for you. This is because, this is light infusing, so this foundation creates more shine on your skin, Thus, not applicable for oily skin. As for me, I am on a combination skin, so this is a good one for me.

Here's a swatch of the foundation.

I bought mine in the lightest shade which is N5 Pure Honey. I am NC30 in MAC for you reference. This for me suits my Yellow Undertone skin. As you can see, a little goes a long way.

As soon as I spread this on my hand, this is the result. This is the after effect of putting this foundation- Glowing, Illuminates the skin and this feels light-weight on the skin once applied.

So for my verdict, I'm loving this foundation. I've been using this more often than my NARS Sheer Glow foundation. I bought this in 25% off in the local drugstore.(Watsons) Another good find I suppose!

So there you go my dear readers! Will post a review on the True Match Foundation which I bought for my friend's bridal make-up! Till our next beauty session!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beauty: Urban Decay Naked Palette 1

Yehey! Finally I got my hands on the original Naked Palette 1. I know, I am too late on the craze but finally after some intense decision making haha. I did ask my friend to buy me one from SG and boy, I know now why everyone go gaga over this beautiful palette.

This palette composed of 12 beautiful shades namely:
  • Virgin eye shadow – Nude satin
  • Sin eye shadow – Champagne shimmer
  • Naked eye shadow – Buff matte
  • Sidecar – Beige with glitter
  • Buck – Brown matte
  • Half Baked – Bronze shimmer
  • Smog – Golden brown shimmer
  • Darkhorse – Dark bronze shimmer
  • Toasted – Taupe shimmer
  • Hustle – Mocha shimmer
  • Creep – Black with sparkle
  • Gunmetal - Dark grey with sparkle 
(from site)

The first time I used this palete for that soft smokey eyes, I noticed that there are some fallouts. Regardless, the longevity is really superb even without putting an eye shadow primer. I really love  how each shade compliment each other. The matte shades are perfect for base color and the shimmery shades are perfect for creating that glowing eye look.

This is gonna be the most expensive makeup item. Nevertheless, I am happy that I did purchased this.

This is really useful whether it be for a bridal makeup,special occasions makeup or a simple everyday makeup. So for those makeup lovers out there who would like to invest on a good neutral shades palette, this is really a good one. I'm eying the Bobbi brown rich chocolate once, and did want that over the UD nakedpalette. However, UD palette has 12 shades compared to the Bobbi Brown one so I did chose the UD naked palette 1.

I know that UD Naked Palette 3 is coming this 2013 and from what I have researched  from Temptalia, the naked 3 has pink shades which for me is a win win. I love pinks and it really do flatters my brown eyes, so if ever i would have some extra money for the naked palette 3, I might give in. but I know that would a splurge, and so I know I might pass on that one.

Where to buy?

My friend bought this one for me at Sephora SG since this is not available to us locally.

Go ahead Ladies! Till ou next beauty session!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Non-Beauty Related: Volunteers on Helping Typhoon 'Yolanda' (Haiyan)

For those locals who lives here in Manila can join in the repacking of clothes, goods, food etc and any thing that would help them please call these number and schedule for your shift:

DSWD:  (02) 851-2681

SAGIP KAPAMILYA:  (02) 411-4995

TV5 Tulong Kapatid: (02) 689-3355

Red Cross: (02) 527-0000

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beauty: The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer

Oh, the wait is finally over. I've been lemming to try a matte bronzer for a long time now, until I have this upcoming makeup gig and I think a matte bronzer for contouring is what's been missing on my makeup essentials. So, I visit the beauty bar store and finally got my hands on this affordable yet superb product. I researched on the internet which among the matte bronzer performs well but at the same time will not make me broke and this one is a sure good find!

The Balm's packaging is super cute, a cardboard with that cute picture of a girl. It is sturdy and very appropriate for that kinda travel makeup necessities. I tried the Smashbox Bronzer which is Kim K's favorite however, for my Asian skin, that really don't do much contour on my skintone since it is light. So The Balm Bahama Mama is the best choice for me!

This is darker compared to Hoola Bronzer by Benefit and Smashbox Bronzer so if you plan to dust it over your NC30 skin, it will look muddy or super tan. Better way is to first pat off the excess bronzer on your brush and dust it all over the face for tan look. For contouring, this is for me very promising! You simply need an angled blush brush, and dust it to just underneath the apple of your cheeks. Don't forget to swirl the color on your cheeks to erase the hard edges and to let it just combine with blush.

My Verdict:

This is a winner! The pigmentation is superb, a little goes a long, long way. The longevity of the product once applied on your face is impressive. The product content I think will last me a long time since you don't need a lot of it for contouring. and the price, affordable. So this is actually a good beauty find! I can use this for bronzed look or for my makeup gigs especially for those with darker skin tones to create that sun kissed look.

Where to buy??
If you are in Manila, you can buy this at your nearest Beauty Bar. Mine I bought in Beauty Bar Glorietta for Php 775. I think for those who wants to contour their face in such a way that they want to make their face look thinner, well, a matte bronzer is what you need! Though I've been lemming to try the Nars Laguna Bronzer but for me it is pricey so this Bahama Mama Bronzer can be of a great substitute.

 Till our next makeup session!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beauty: How to Create Bronzed look?

Hey ladies! There is a makeup look that i really love which is the bronzed look. This has become favorites by Hollywood Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian and Tyra Banks. Bronzed look emphasize ethereal glow and thus make someone looked polished and glowing.

So i came up with the idea of having a list of products I use whenever  I want to rock that bronzed look. This look is perfect for night out and also for those who want to look tan. So be ready ladies and behold on these affordable products.

 Left to Right; the balm bahama mama,  mac brave lipstick, prestige baked bronzer in sunbaked and mac faux gold mineralized eyeshadow.

Products and How i use it to achieve bronzed look.

1. Mac Mineralized Eyeshadow in faux gold 
   This is by far my most fave single eyeshadow since it is long lasting and color pigmentation is just superb. This is part of the limited edition. This is shimmery and perfect for the eyelids for that bronzed look.

2. The balm Bahama Mama matte Bronzer
  Great for contouring the face, this is a new addition to my need-to-be on your kit. since jlo is fond of that contoured face and that to-die-for cheekbones, this will do the trick to achieve that same look. I do use slanted brush and apply this just below the apple of your cheeks, the forehead, just below the jawline and the side of the nose. Just do not overdo it to avoid burnt look. We want a sunkissed look not burnt look.
Also for those fair skinned ladies, you can dust this all over your face for that tanned look. Again just don't overdo it.

3. Mac Brave Lipstick;
 A pale pink lipstick with brown undertone is perfect for nude look. This is perfect for those who have dark and tanned skin but fair skin tones can also rock this look. I have separate blog post on this link for this lipstick.

4. Prestige Skin LovingMminerals in Sunbaked.
 This is a shimmer bronzer so do not overdo it. I apply this after contouring and just put the right amount on the apple of your cheeks for that glow.

Here's my separate post for this bronzer.

So here are the products ladies. of course, These are right after you prep your face with moisturizer and foundation/bb cream and fixing your brows. These are all affordable beauty finds and will definitely a must for that bronzed look. Till our next makeup session.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beauty: NARS Orgasm Powder Blush

If you are an avid reader of this blog, you will know how I love the NARS Makeup Brand. This is actually the first high-end brand that I actually purchased- my very first expensive blush! I was totally influenced by my ex-officemates who loves makeup. Thus, I ended up buying another blush because I hit the my first pan!

The ultimate authority in blush, NARS offers the industry's most iconic shades for cheeks. Natural, healthy-looking color that immediately enlivens the complexion. A light application of even the highest-intensity hues delivers a natural-looking flush.

  • Silky texture in matte and shimmering shades
  • Micronized powder ensures soft, blendable application
  • Iconic NARS shades (Credits to NARS Website)

This particular blush is actually the cult fave amongst makeup enthusiasts. I was really that hesitant to buy my second pan and ended up buying from another brand. But there's always something about this blush which drawn me into the NARS store. Until I joined the Magda Ogbe NARS workshop, and I availed the 10% discount for this blush.


NARS Orgasm Blush is a peachy pink blush with golden sheen. The powder is finely milled while the texture of the blush is soft on the skin. The color is very nice and it suits those who have fair, medium fair and olive skin on my opinion. However pigmentation is not that superb, you will see just the right amount when you swipe once on your cheeks.You need at least 3 swipes before you can actually see the color on your skin.

Here's the actual swatch on my finger (see below). As you can see, it has a golden sheen, perfect for those who like glowing effect. The staying power is good but not that lasting as compared to my mac blush on.

You can buy this on your nearest NARS Store in Rustan's Makati and Shangrila for about Php1500. Though this is expensive, along the way this is really worth it because my first pan lasted me for about 2 and a half years! Also, since I am a Makeup Artist wanna-be, I think this is an investment especially on my bridal makeup gigs coz this one is staple on International Makeup Artist's kit!

Thanks for readings! Till our next makeup session!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beauty: MAC Relentlessly Red

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipsticks is part of the Retro Matte Collection. This is described as bright pinkish coral red lipstick and is of matte finish. I was looking for red lippie at MAC Store and tried the ever famous Ruby Woo and Russian Red on my lips, but none of them really suit my NC30 skin tone. They are way too dark on my taste. So the first time I saw relentlessly red, I initially thought It was just another red lipsticks but it was not!! It is just the perfect red I've been looking for.

I really love my MAC Party Parrot, which is part of the Limited Edition. Much to my regret, I lost my party parrot so I was really on the hunt for any dupe or replacement. MAC Impassioned was said to be a very close shade to party parrot, however it is not available on our local MAC stores.And so this is by far, another close dupe to MAC Party Parrot.

Swatch of Relentlessly Red

Here's a swatch of the Relentlessly Red Lipstick. I am NC30 in MAC for your reference and this really doesn't make me look like "I'm wearing bloody red color on my lips". And I highly recommend this for those who want to pull off that red lipstick without looking like a slut. haha. This is also wearable everyday, but you only need to dab this on your lips. I love how the stain creates that rosy stain on my lips.

To summarize its pros and cons, here's my list.

  • It is long-wearing. After eating or drinking, it is still intact.
  • Not of the dark red color shade
  • It is not drying on the lips
  • Wearable color, just need to dab this on your lips and you're good to go
  • If you want to achieve fuller lips, two swipes of this lipstick is all you need
  • The color pigmentation is a plus.
  • pricey
  • limited edition 
  • Nothing else, I love this lipstick!

Actual Swatch on my lips
This is what it looks like with only a few dabs on my lips. A dab really goes a long way. 

Come and visit your nearest MAC Store! Thanks for reading! Till our next beauty session!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

I've been meaning to try any NARS Liquid foundation for such a long time now since I heard good reviews on them on the blogosphere. I am a fan of sporting that glowy look and thus the foundation name 'SHEER GLOW' caught my desire on doing that kind of makeup look to my clients. This foundation has also become one of the easy to use foundation on bridal makeup since this really make someone look so good on the picture.

The packaging comes in a glass rectangular bottle and contains 30ml of the product. It also comes with a pump which I love since you don't tend to waste a lot of the product. I don't use this on a daily basis because, aside from the fact that this is very expensive, the texture for me is kinda heavy compared to the texture of the BB Cream. This is a foundation not a BB Cream, since BB Cream are more likely the same texture of tinted moisturizer which only gives sheer coverage. So expect that this is creamy /heavy. Thus this is for heavy coverage.

An ample amount of foundation

Here's a picture of the foundation. I only get an ample amount using the foundation pump and see how much foundation is at the back of my hand. I got the Sante Fe shade that the MUA recommended based on my skin tone. This doesn't look too light on my face, just the right amount of color. However, I don't know if it just me, but this tends to oxidize on my skin, meaning after hours, it tends to darken my skin color which I don't usually experiencing on my previous foundations.

Tried to apply the NARS Sheer Glow evenly at the back of my hand but I failed.LOL

Since I am using HD camera for this picture, you will see how the product if not properly applied tends to cake.But in real life I don't apply it like this! LOL. I made this just for swatch purposes. I usually use my foundation brush to apply this or just use your fingers! ..But on the color itself, the undertone of this foundation in Santa Fe shade is on the yellow undertone which is good for Asian Skin. As for my experience, this foundation is good on giving that flawless look. Maybe I am just overpowered by the fact that this is NARS, the longevity is quite impressive. This is really good for Bridal Makeups or any special events.

Will update this review soon once I tried this months and months. I only tried using this product for about a a couple of weeks but will see if this a very good product.

Thanks for reading! Till our next beauty find!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beauty: NARS Workshop with Magda Ogbe

NARS has become one of my favorite brand aside from MAC since I started my love for makeup. This iconic brand has become one of the celebrities go-to brand for its super renowned 'orgasm' blush which really become a hit. I remember, my very first purchase in Nars was it's cult fave blush which is the NARS Orgasm blush, and the next thing I know, I purchased the Schiap Lipstick and Orgasm Illuminator.

Enough of how I got familiar with this brand.haha. I got to make friends with its Store Makeup Artists thus I was always invited if an International MUA visits Manila from time to time. This is actually my 2nd time to attend the workshop however the first time I came late so I was not able to actually complete the whole workshop.


Magda Ogbe, NARS International Makeup has worked hand in hand with Francois Nars (The person behind the NARS brand) during New York Fashion Week. She also worked with the models for Marc Jacobs. She also done makeups for Hollywood stars like Mandy Moore.

Let's go back to the actual workshop, Magda taught us how to create smokey eye look without the raccoon looking eyes. The limited edition NARS eyeshadow palette is what she used. This is right after she put in the face foundation, concealer and NARS Eye  primer. 

Some key points of this workshop are: (the things I remember)

  • There's nothing wrong with pairing smokey eyes with loud color lipstick 
  • It is very important to groom the brows, it really makes a big difference with the overall look
  • It is important to use primer prior to putting in the foundation since this will make the pores look smaller and makeup the foundation looked so flawless
  • Use waterproof eye liner to avoid the raccoon eyes
  • You can use a cream blush and put powder blush over the cream blush to make the blush stays longer.
  • Don't put eyeliner under the eye if you're gonna wear smokey eyes during daytime. (For work)
  • You can put eye liner on the lower lash line if its night time.
  • It is very important to put moisturizer prior to primer.
  • You don't always need to use brushes on applying foundation, hands can do the trick.
  • If you don't have dark eyeshadow, you can use the pencil eyeliner. draw some line at the back of your hand. use brush to smudge it and use the remaining on color on your brush as eyeshadow.

The perks of this event is you can buy NARS items at 10% off! and a sample bottle for Nars Skin moisturizer. Here's a picture of me with Magda Ogbe, she's very down to earth and always ready to answer your questions if you have any inquiries on how to do that, what not to do, how to achieve that look etc. Lucky for us who attended this event because she will fly back to US the next day.

Thanks Magda and Robbie (My MUA Friend) for inviting me again! Till next workshop!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beauty: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit

  As  a beauty junkie, I'm always in the hunt for that beauty discovery that will surely satisfy my beauty cravings..Since a lot of my beauty items are of the brand of MAC, NARS, Estee, Maybelline etc, I think why not try Products that are from Asia like Korean cosmetics.

 BB Cream formulated with Pearl Powder with an improved adhesive texture to promote moist, radiant looking skin while protecting against UV damage and wrinkles. --Etude House Website

 With SPF 30/PA++, Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Darkening as seen on its container. I have visited a blog where the blogger compared those of the BB Creams from Korean and those from American brands. And since BB Cream are made popular by Koreans, I think BB Cream really stand out those coming from Korea itself. So to experience it personally, I bought this BB Cream which was highly recommended by my officemate. She's been using this for years now. Thus, I ended up buying this right after her recommendation :-) LOL.

 The consistency is of medium thick. Not too watery and not sticky. It glides smoothly once applied. I chose the NO2 shade which of the lightest shade among the 4 shades available.

This is the swatch on my hand, though the picture is not yet evenly spread on my hands, you can see how a small amount, once spread can use for the whole face.

This is the swatch evenly applied on my hand. The finish is of dewy and glowing result. Imagine how this will look on your own face. At first, I was shocked how light this shade but once absorbed, it gives that dewy finish. And instantly love it! Though the staying power is not that amazing, still this BB Cream lived up to its promise. The brightening effect is close to illuminating effect of BB Cream.

  • For 60ml, the content is a sure win win.
  • Medium thick consistency is win win for me
  • Affordable compared to high-end BB Creams
  • No fragrance
  • No breakouts after usage
  • Dewy effect is what I want on my BB Cream and this one is just the right one
  • The pump is hygienic
  • Stays for 4 hours
  •  I don't know but this tends to darken my skin color after a while
  • Nothing else
Overall this BB Cream is a sure good find! Though I am still eye-ing on that Collagen BB Cream of Etude House.

This retails for Php 700+ but got mine at 630 pesos since it's on sale!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beauty: MAC Brow Gel in Girl Boy

 A brush-on gel that strokes brows into shape. Adds shine and style. No flaking or stiffening. Tinted or clear. Also grooms lashes, sideburns and facial hair.-MAC Website

MAC Brow Gel in Girl Boy is definitely my HG Product! This has been a favorite by many of the local celebrities in grooming their brows. Brow gel is a product used to color the brows without permanent hair color. Girl boy is of the lightest brown shade which compliments the color of my hair at the present.

This bottle lasts me for about a year given that I use this daily in grooming my brows. This literally makes the brow hairs in place and thus created a more groomed look. 

How to use this? 

The make-up artist from MAC advised me to get the MAC Shadow in Carbon to fill in the gaps of my brows. MAC Lingering for putting the lines and then last the MAC Brow Gel to apply on the brow hair.

There are other shades available, beguile. clear, show-off and clear.  You can buy this at any MAC Branch at php 1,000.

Here's a picture of me wearing the MAC Brow Gel in Girl Boy.

Till our next beauty session!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fashion: It's a GRAY day!!


Fashion: Sporty Chic


Fashion: Gold and White


Beauty: Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Bronzing Powder

Another beauty discovery, Prestige's Skin Loving Minerals Bronzing powder in Sunbaked! If you are an avid reader of my blog, you already know that I love anything that is mineralized! I love MAC MSF's but somehow I can't collect all of them because it is way too pricey for me! My very first purchase of MAC MSF is the MSF Natural, which is a face powder and I do love this product.

Well, getting back to this cute product, I love how this Prestige Mineral Bronzing powder looks good in the pan. It is a melange of brown, white and dark brown powder with shimmers. As soon as I take my eyes on this product inside beauty bar, I absolutely fell in love with it! This will really look good especially for those woman who have beautiful tan and want to achieve that glow from within aura. I also thought that this will really look good on my friend who wants to re-create that Kim Kardashian Wedding look on her own wedding!

Side View
So as for my review, here are my verdict:

  • It is shimmery which I do love
  • It is baked so it will last a long time
  • It is not chalky or powdery
  • It glides beautifully on the skin once applied
  • The shade is not too muddy, just the right gold sheen to it
  • Not as pricey as those of MAC's MSF
  • If you put too much of it, this might look too shimmery (not for those who have big pores on the cheeks)
  • No mirrors for touch-ups
  • The casing for me is not classy (that is as for my reference)
  • The staying power is quite good but not comparable to MAC MSF's staying power.
  • Nothing else :-)

Go ahead Ladies! I've been eyeing on getting the MAC Warm Soul before I purchase this but since I'm a girl who loves shimmers, this is way better than the warm soul. Although Warm Soul is a good product, I prefer the size of Prestige more.  I think this will last me a long time and is useful for my make-up gigs!

Where to buy?
At beauty bar

Php 775

Till our next beauty session!!!   


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beauty: Palladio Rice Powder

Recently, I've been very open minded in finding beauty for less products. That is, you don't always need to shell out a lot of money to buy quality products. And here's one I discovered! By the way, a friend uses this rice powder and I've seen how this rice powder looks good on her. And here I am, gave this a try!

Introducing, Palladio's Oil-absorbing Rice powder! Yes, you heard it right! Rice Powder it is. According to its packaging's label, it was discovered accidentally by a renowned professional make-up artist. Rice Powder has been and still is the oldest of all trade secrets. It is used primarily as an oil-absorbing highlighter and make-up setter.

The packaging is quite cheap but we all know that not all nicely-packed products goes always hand-in-hand with the quality of its content. The rice powder is finely milled and the texture is so smooth.

 This powder comes also with a poof. However, the makeup artist told me that it is better to apply this powder using a face brush. What I do love about this powder is it non-comedogenic, which means it doesn't clog pores. The coverage is also great, since you only need a small amount for whole face.

Rice Powder at the back of my hand

 Here's a swatch of Rice powder on my hand. I got the Natural shade which is not that too light on my skin color.

 This is the result after I evenly spread the Rice Powder on my hand. It is less shiny, full coverage and looks polished. I applied this powder on my T-Zone (where I get so oily) and it performs well in controlling the oil. I do highly recommend this to all my friends who have super oily skin and is looking for that affordable powder that can do well if effectiveness is your primary concern.

Palladio's Natural Rice Oil absorbing powder is part of Total Beauty's best powder: So you can check on that link why this has been part of the 13 best face powder despite of its less known in the makeup world.

Where to buy it? 
Philippines: Any beauty bar branch. Mine, I bought at Bonifacio High Street.

Php 325

This will last you about 4 months if you use this daily. Very affordable as compared to MAC or high-end make-up brands.

Till our next beauty discovery :-)


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