Sunday, December 16, 2012

TRAVELS: Puca Beach, Boracay

Puca Beach Boracay

Last month, Nov 3, 2012 we went back to Boracay Island, Aklan Philippines for another unforgettable experience with nature. The weather was perfect and everything has fall into place. The scenic beauty of this island has magic on it that once you've been, you will never get tired of going there again and again.

Puca beach is separated from the usual shore of the commercialized boracay. In here, there were no bars, nor hotel. We've been here before during our first time  in Boracay by means of riding a boat from our hotel. However this time, we reach this beautiful beach by riding an ATV (like a motor bike) for 30 mins while the sun was scorching hot! Nevertheless, the scenery makes it all worth it.

See how the sun was smiling on us? :-)

At Puca Beach Boracay, the water has more waves compared to a solemn and calm at the usual boracay shore. The water was cold and clear, and as expected the sand was really fine and white. We went there with lots of koreans and they were like so pleased with how beautiful the beach is. Let me give a glimpse of what I am talking about :-)

Well that's me! Enjoying every bit and every drop of the water. The waves were like pushing and pulling you at the same time which will give you more like a thrill while dipping into the water. The water as like coming from a mineral water tank! Its how clear ir is! Really God has created paradise on earth and this is just one of them!

As we walk along the shore of Puca beach, we found this cute place to take pictures with! A wooden bench where one can sit and just feel the breeze touching through your skin and be amazed of what your eyes can see..

We're like posing :-). Regardless who is in the picture, the background is such an art, a one-of-a-kind.

Let me give a last shot. This is actually the shore, and as you can see, I am the only one visible in this place, there were like just 20 of us who was in there during our visit. So if you are in hunt for a more private place to enjoy boracay, please do a visit on Puca Beach. Though we both tried riding a boat and atv in order to reach this beautiful beach, we suggest you take the ATV. More fun and more adventurous! 

It is really more fun in the Philippines! Enjoy your vacation :-)



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