Saturday, June 15, 2013

TRAVELS: Things to do in Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

I have post before about a trip in Calaguas Island last May 2013. Here's the link to that: Calaguas Island. This post is dedicated to what activities are in store for those who are planning to visit this wonderful paradise in Camarines Norte:

Things to do in Calaguas:

1. Camping: Since the island has no electricity and hotels are not readily available in here, visitors/tourists can enjoy camping. There were available package tours who offers inclusive use of tents or you can bring your own if you're not availing any of the package tours and you're traveling on your own.


2. Stargazing: One you can truly enjoy in the Island is to enjoy the solemnity of the place, have a peace of mind and just stare at the beautiful sky. Though I can't provide you with a picture of the stars, this is one of the activities that I truly enjoyed. Just a thought of spending a night in a secluded island is fun and surreal in its own way.

3. Playing Frisbee Disc: Our Package tour offers a free use of Frisbee Disc, so we didn't miss any chance of playing this type of sports. You don't need to play by the rule. Just enjoy playing it with your friends.

Frisbee Disc

4. Playing Volleyball: Another enjoyable activity to play with your friends especially those who are in large group.

Playing Volleyball

5. Surfing Lesson:  Though Calaguas Waves is not as good as those in Bagasbas. There were available surf trainors in the Island in preparation to the the next activity in Bagasbas Beach, Daet the day after. Here's the link on my Bagasbas Surfing Experience: Surfing in Bagasbas Beach.

Surfing with Friends

6. Swimming: This is given already. Of course, this is the main reason why we go to the beach. The turquoise water is so tempting to swim into. So as soon as you reach this beautiful Island, I'll assure you that this is what you will look forward to, TO SWIM! The scorching heat of the sun is not a factor, the water is cold and dipping into this is an escape from the heat of the summer!

7. Snorkeling: Some of the travelers still managed to go snorkeling but unfortunate for us since we only had 2 days to squeeze in. But still for you guys who have so many time to spend in this Island, why not try snorkeling? The Philippines is blessed with coral reefs and natural resources so expect that you can find interesting in exploring this place.

8.  Night life with friends, bonding with friends: One of the best part of the package tour is this, free drinks after a sumptuous dinner. Though some were not fond of such heavy sound at night but this one lasts only till 12 midnight. Another thing is that you will have a lot of time after dinner to bond and chat with your friends.

Drinking and enjoying the night

9. Skim boarding: This by far is difficult to play with since it takes a lot of agility and balance. Using a skim board, you will need to glide into the shore and try your best to stay on your board.

Skim boarding..

These are just among the things I have listed based on my travel experience. You can still add some possible activities that you might have in mind. Feel free to comment below.

Will post more "Things to do" subject on my future posts! Thanks for reading :-)


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beauty: L'oreal UV Perfect BB Max

 L'oreal UV Perfect BB Max is the newest BB Cream released by L'oreal. It has high SPF of 50 and with PA++++. A 12 hour Long lasting UV Protection which makes this sunblock and BB cream all-in-one. I have always been a fan of Maybelline BB Cream so a vain in me wants to try other available BB Cream in the market. So I do gave this L'oreal one a try.

It has antioxidants and promises to give that fairer skin, less visible pores, faded dark spots and more glowing skin. For those who are not familiar with BB Cream, it has become popular since Koreans are using it (their skin is flawless) and K-Pop is on trend. BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm. If we have Lip Balm for chapped lips, we have Blemish Balm for blemishes. What makes it different from usual liquid foundation is that BB Cream is like a tinted moisturizer and the consistency of the cream is less heavier.

Here's the swatch:

A pea size amount is all you need. I got the one shade that fits all skin tone. As you can see from the picture above, it more like sandy brown color.

Picture above: I tried to spread the BB cream on my hand. It is universally flattering.

The BB cream spread evenly on my hand. As you can see, it is sheer, not heavy. The effect is dewy.

For Php 595 price, it is more expensive than my usual Maybelline BB Cream. But after using this, I might go back to my Maybelline BB cream since I think the Maybelline one is more long lasting and it cheaper too!
Though this one is OK, I think there's nothing too special about this product aside from its high SPF. The after effect is dewy but after putting in powder, the dewy effect is all gone which is expected.

Verdict: A good sunblock but I might go back again to Maybelline BB Cream. You can try it yourselves ladies so that you can have your first hand experience. After using this all up, I might look for other BB cream brand and will post again on my reviews.

Thanks for reading again! Feel free to comment :-)


Friday, June 7, 2013

Beauty | Fashion: Bershka

 Hi Ladies! and even men readers! Another post on fashion! Well, here's the story. I was strolling last night at the mall when I have noticed this newly opened store at Glorietta 2, Ayala. It is just across the new Mango Store. The name of the store is Bershka which sounds expensive and tempting to me. Haha. Like Birkin. (insert smiley here). So I explore it and take some pictures inside the store.

What I love about the store is that there are Fashion Consultants/Stylist available and they were like give you some fashion insights like what are suitable color of clothes according to your skin tone, what color of the bag that will compliment what you're wearing and more. So you can have your own stylist while shopping on some clothes!

The clothes were more of the basic ones like the blazers, dresses, shorts etc. The accessories to me are so-so. Nothing too special since i love the accessories in Forever21. The price is much expensive compare to Forever21.

 As you can see from the picture, lots of basics and denims. But this may vary based on the new released collection.

 Upon entrance..

Overall, the clothes were trendy yet so pricey. But I think the clothes were quality wise good since the textiles were great. The cashier told me that their sister company is ZARA and this store is from Spain so expect to have the same good quality as Zara. Well check this out Fashionistas out there! They told me that this is the only branch they have in the Philippines and they're planning to open another store at SM Aura Taguig.

Till the next post on Fashion! Tia!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beauty: Argan Oil as Facial Moisturizer

Argan oil comes from the kernels of the Argan tree which is abundantly grown in Morocco, a southwestern country. The argan tree has adapted to the drought surrounding of the kingdom of Morocco. 

Since it is an oil, many were mislead that this is a greasy oil that is not good for those who have oily skin. However, this is a "dry" oil meaning it is easily absorbed by the skin once applied and greasy feeling is not prolonged. 
I've been using it for weeks now and I have noticed how it has makes my skin supple and smooth.

What I love about Argan Oil as moisturizer?
  • The after effect of using it is not oily skin but smooth and moisturized skin feeling.
  • It can be used as Makeup Primer and can be used before putting in foundation/bb cream.
  • The smell is good
  • The greasy effect will never be a problem because it is instantly absorbed by the skin
  • You can use it for a long time since you will only need 2 drops for the whole face per night and 2 drops per day. But still depends on your preference.
What I don't love?
  •       Nothing. It did not cause me any skin break-out.

Well, you can try it now ladies. You can always google the other benefits of using Argan oil, such as for the hair, the skin, the rashes etc. But as for me, I used this at night and day and I can see how it improves my skin texture. This has also become a beauty secret of many local celebrities like Patty Laurel and Miriam Quiambao. Also a friend introduced this to me, since I always insist her on what specific product she's using coz her skin is glowing. So she told me "it's argan oil". Knowing that this has no side effects to pregnant woman makes this more likeable as beauty regimen.

You can buy this at any Watsons 30ml is for 599 pesos and 60 ml is Php 1020. For 30m bottle, I am using it for 1 month now and still it's still full.

I will post more benefits of Argan oil and will update this post soon :-(.Thanks for reading guys!




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