Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beauty: MAC Stereo Rose 'Mineralize' Skinfinish: Glow on your skin

 MAC Stereo Rose, A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face.(mac website)

This highlighter/blush has always been a hype in the beauty world. Being a limited edition product by MAC, this has been the one of the most coveted MSF aside from Soft and Gentle. I think, limited edition is a marketing strategy since consumers will more likely to give in with the hype. However, if the product serves well, then a beauty junkee like me will never falter from trying this luxurious dome of beauty.

 If you are a makeup lover like me, you already know that
MAC Stereo Rose was launched in the previous MAC Collections and now it has been relaunched in the Apres Chic Collection. The peachy sheen and gold vein on the dome once swirled together creates that beautiful peachy golden color. It can be applied over you favorite blush to have that dewy/glowing skin as what Jennifer Lopez is fond of. Or you can use it alone for that sheer glow on your cheeks.

 MAC Stereo Rose with Box

MAC Stereo Rose content

Due to popular demand, this has been sold out from the MAC Online store and even on local stores. I had myself even confused if I had to get my hands on it or buy my HG Powder, the MSF Natural instead. But the Makeup Artist convinced me to rather get this one since the MSF Natural is available all year long and belongs to the permanent line unlike this one. So she really is a good seller and I got this one! The last one actually in the store!

Here's the swatch of the Highlighter/Blush On.. If you are into coral stuff especially on makeup this is really a nice one to keep on your makeup kit. Because it is mineralized, the product will last a long time. 

  • It is peach (my fave color at the moment!)
  • It is shimmery
  • It is a good highlighter
  • The content will last me a long time
  • Since it is mineralized, the product itself is safe for sensitive skin
  • It stays on your cheeks for 4 hours
  • It is pricey, I bought mine at MAC Rustan's for Php1,750 :-(
  • The shade is not visible/pigmented for different skin tone
  • The packaging is not sturdy. 
  • This is overrated

Well, that will be all my inputs. I'm using it everyday and it didn't give me a skin break out. My friends actually noticed how beautiful the product on my cheeks. And because of it, I have my second thoughts of selling it (yes! I really wanted to sell it the first time I used it).

Thanks for reading :-) Till our next beauty session!

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