Saturday, April 13, 2013

FOOD: Marriot Hotel Buffet

Here's a quick post on food. A Christmas Party event held at Marriot Hotel, near the Resort World Manila last December. And a food blogger in me had to get the shot!

Marriot Hotel, being a five-star hotel offers a wide range of food, mouthwatering and really good food.

 Dessert Galore!
 Strawberry Tart, Brownies, Chocolate Mousse etc.

 Yumyum! Seafood Galore
Shrimp, Salmon, Dory all cooked with different twist!

  A Tasteful Plate! Yum!

 Mashed Potato, Beef .


Dessert again!

Forgot to include the mobile bar in the event. Unlimited drink. Hooray to that! One of which is my favorite is the white wine. Overall, with the food I can give Marriot buffet 8 out of 10. Kudos to the food, the appetizers ad the unlimited drinks. 

Till next food post my readers! Happy tummy :-)

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