Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

I've been meaning to try any NARS Liquid foundation for such a long time now since I heard good reviews on them on the blogosphere. I am a fan of sporting that glowy look and thus the foundation name 'SHEER GLOW' caught my desire on doing that kind of makeup look to my clients. This foundation has also become one of the easy to use foundation on bridal makeup since this really make someone look so good on the picture.

The packaging comes in a glass rectangular bottle and contains 30ml of the product. It also comes with a pump which I love since you don't tend to waste a lot of the product. I don't use this on a daily basis because, aside from the fact that this is very expensive, the texture for me is kinda heavy compared to the texture of the BB Cream. This is a foundation not a BB Cream, since BB Cream are more likely the same texture of tinted moisturizer which only gives sheer coverage. So expect that this is creamy /heavy. Thus this is for heavy coverage.

An ample amount of foundation

Here's a picture of the foundation. I only get an ample amount using the foundation pump and see how much foundation is at the back of my hand. I got the Sante Fe shade that the MUA recommended based on my skin tone. This doesn't look too light on my face, just the right amount of color. However, I don't know if it just me, but this tends to oxidize on my skin, meaning after hours, it tends to darken my skin color which I don't usually experiencing on my previous foundations.

Tried to apply the NARS Sheer Glow evenly at the back of my hand but I failed.LOL

Since I am using HD camera for this picture, you will see how the product if not properly applied tends to cake.But in real life I don't apply it like this! LOL. I made this just for swatch purposes. I usually use my foundation brush to apply this or just use your fingers! ..But on the color itself, the undertone of this foundation in Santa Fe shade is on the yellow undertone which is good for Asian Skin. As for my experience, this foundation is good on giving that flawless look. Maybe I am just overpowered by the fact that this is NARS, the longevity is quite impressive. This is really good for Bridal Makeups or any special events.

Will update this review soon once I tried this months and months. I only tried using this product for about a a couple of weeks but will see if this a very good product.

Thanks for reading! Till our next beauty find!

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