Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fashion: Royal Blue Skirt

A First time for me to post an OOTD ( Outfit of the Day). I am a fan of several fashion blogs such as those of camille co,, kryz uy etc and I've always wanted to have a fashion blog though I know that my closet will not be enough to pursue that dream. Currently I am more into Fashion than Make-up. I don't know why but maybe since my brother loves watching ANTM, Project Runway etc., and so my love for Fashion has began.

Apology if this shot was very amateur. Only used a camera phone to capture this picture. Got fascinated that one of my office outfit is the same with 1 of our local celebrity! Take a look!

Royal blue skirt combined with green floral top is just so cute! This type of skirt I saw worn by Olivia Palermo (my style icon) but only in white. I just saw how versatile this skirt is, since you can pair it with just a white shirt for more of a casual look, chambray or any flowy top! Perfect for summer!

Thanks for reading guys!

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