Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beauty: MAC Semi Precious Collection Eyeshadows

When MAC released their semi precious collection last year 2011, I gave it a shot..Since I love makeup that are mineralize, I bought these eyeshadows, Faux Gold and Hint of Saphire.

Faux Gold (picture on the left) is a melange of copper, gold and orange..When you swirl them together you will achieve that gold color with orange undertone. It is shimmery which makes it perfect for night out and even during the day since it is neutral. At first, I didn't find this special amongst all other shades but this really stand out after the Makeup Artist put this on my lids. It was gold on my lids! I use this in the office, and I received compliments whenever I wore this.

Hint of Sapphire (picture on the right) is a melange of blue, violet and green. What have caught my attention is that it looks like "planet earth". And this really caught me so I bought it! However if you swirl them together, it will create like a violet shade of eyeshadow.  But since it is kinda colorful to my taste, I dont wear this much often. I only use this when there are special occasions or when I just needed to make my eye color pop out.

So here are the swatches.

 Swatch of Faux Gold

 Swatch of Hint of Sapphire

Hint of Sapphire

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  1. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I really appreciate it!
    These colours look gorgeous!

    Natasha Carly x

  2. You're so welcome! thanks for visiting my blog :-)



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