Friday, August 16, 2013

Fashion: Legally PINK

Legally PINK

This outfit screams PINK!!! Pink is a feminine color. The color is eye-catchy and definitely would feel you are a barbie doll. With my chosen pieces, the key piece is actually the LACE SHORTS!.

Lacey clothes are definitely 'in" now in the fashion scene. The lace actually looks so girly on its own way. I paired it with a plain pink top but the details are not ordinary. The v-neckline of the pink top is not too sexy or revealing, just the right amount of sexiness. 

With the accessories, the bag is in floral design which I love. The bag compliments the bracelet/bangles also in floral. The watch is more of a rose gold, since I don't want to overly pair every detail in pink. The earrings?? Oh I love this earrings! It literally livens up the whole outfit.
Lastly, the shoes, well, I want to compliment my pink top and this type of shoes will make your legs more lean and long. Also, it is girly too!

What type of events can you wear this outfit?

Well on parties, birthdays and just meeting up with your boyfriend. Why not right? He would probably look at you and tell you how gorgeous you are!

That's alll for now. Till or next dress up session!

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