Friday, August 4, 2017

BEAUTY: Nuxe Huille Prodigieuse (Multi- Purpose Dry Oil)

Hi Beauties!! Literally, I've been out in quite a lonnnnnggg time.. I miss blogging so much and thinking of re-contruct my blog. Anyways, I have been busy with work and having a kid, but now I am back! I will make sure now, that I'll post more often and be more active on my blog posts!
My love for all things beauty hasn't changed, so now I would like to share with you my not-so-recent discovery since I have been using this multi-purpose oil for like 2 years now.

Presenting Nuxe Huille Prodigieuse (Multi- Purpose Dry Oil)...

As a mom, I gravitate towards anything that is multi-functional. I was once a fan of using Argan Oil, as what you can see on my other post. My love from Face oil has started when I am in 30's. You know anti-ageing skincare has been my priority. I was in the hunt for perfect Multi-purpose oil like argan oil.. Multipurpose in such a way that I can use it on my face, body and hair.

And so I read an online article, and this has been a keeper in most celebrity skincare in the Philippines, and so I ran to the nearest store and grab the 100ml bottle.

First aesthetic-wise, I love the packaging. It's in a clear bottle which helps you see the amount of product you already used. It has a spray so there is no tendency of spill. It also in rose gold packaging which I love!

This is actually my 2nd bottle. I still have the 1st bottle which  I am currently using, and I've been using it for like 1 year now and I can't even finish that off! This shows how super "sulit" (worth it) the product is.
So let me go through the benefits of this product:

1. I used as a moisturizer:

OMG Ladies. I could not believe that I have found my Holy Grail Face oil. Just for reference, I have dry skin, but oily on my T-zone. This has not break me out unlike Argan oil (which I have nothing against with Argan Oil, but I actually had a breakout with that one).

After washing my face, in the morning and before I go to sleep, I use this and oh boy, I am that impressed! It is not greasy as what we usually presume when it comes to putting oil on our face. This oil absorbs quickly by the skin which is great. Also I apply this before putting on my makeup and it helps putting on foundation nicely.

2. I used this on my Hair!!

My friends know how my hair has been damaged by all the Hair Rebond and hair color. I do have a thick hair, and sometime putting oil makes it look like I have been out in the sun for quite a long time and my hair is greasy. But this one, it is NOT! I just use 2 spritz, rub it on my palm, and gently massaged it on my hair. Also, before I go to sleep, I put 2 sprays this on my hair and in the morning, I can see how this makes my hair shiny and manageable.

3. I used it on my baby (yes!), when I am running out of baby oil.

When I can't even see where did I put my baby oil , I used this on my baby. Knowing that this is made of pure and natural oil, I thought why not use it. And it hasn't give rashes or any side effect on my baby's skin. But of course, because of the price tag, I only use this on my baby whenever It is just needed.

4. I use this as hand moisturizer and body oil.

 You know, you're already adulting when you do chores more than you used to, and as a newbie mom, I tend to use my hands in everything I do (bathing my baby, washing the dishes etc) and this dries out my skin especially with all the chemicals from the laundry soap etc.

So this one, surprised me when I used it on my hand and this is like a gallon of water that my skin needs to keep hydrated. For the body, I just put this on my collarbone,shoulders and legs to give me that extra glow.

See how it is not greasy and absorbed by the skin.

I have nothing bad to say about this product. So if you want a multi-functional oil, then this is the right one for you! Retail price is (Php 1600) but most of the time they are on sale (Rustan's, Landmark) so grab one. This is not in anyways sponsored post, I just want to share with you how I love this product.

Till our next beauty session. 

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