Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beauty: Lipstick and Blush Combo | Pink

MAC Pink Nouveau, Viva Glam Nicki Minaj, NARS Schiap, MAC Dollymix Blush

Another post for the Lipstick and Blush Combo. Now, it is on PINK! Every girl loves pink, that's just based on what I believe in. My older sister were obsessed  with pink so I've grown up seeing pinks on our room, on her things etc. So now, I'm bringing you this mini combination which I think will look good on every woman who loves makeup!

Some would say that this combo will make you look funny because pink cheeks with pink lipstick. Some would say that if you are sporting pink lippie, you should wear a neutral shade of blush. This is true. However, with the Dollymix Blush, the rule is to not overdo it. Just tap excess blush powder on your brush and swipe in your cheeks. Also, this color is pigmented so be careful not to put a lot on your cheeks.

Here's the link my individual blushes review: beauty-vanity-kit-my-blushes

As you can see all of lipstick shades are neon! This really stands out amongst all your makeup on your face. Thus if you want a more sultry look, skip putting dark eyeshadows, wear a thin eyeliner, curl your lashes and just swipe a little blush and wear this lipstick and you're good to go!

This shades are perfect for day out. I will post soon makeup tutorial so do stick around. I am particular with combining same shades on my makeup coz this really compliment everything. I love doing this combination during dates and bonding with my girlfriends. Nice to see your face having shades of pink as if you are a barbie doll!

Try this ladies! This will gorgeous!


Love Vanessa


  1. nice i got all the lipsticks you have!! :) pretty noh?? :)

  2. omg ms jamie! you took the time to comment in my blog? Yihiie.. Im just happy..
    Well yeah, the first time I saw your post on comparing pink nouveau and schiap really made me it was your because you're the inspiration!

    Yeah they are all pretty..Love love love!



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