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TRAVELS: Tam-Awan Village | Baguio City

Tam-Awan Village (Garden in the Sky) in Pansao Proper, Baguio City is one of the tourist destination that mimics the Ifugao and Kalinga houses with the combination of Cordilleran craftmanship. The village on its own displays the creativity and artistry of the Baguio locals and entails the way of living of the Baguio descendants. Thus, visiting this place will make you experience living in these seven Ifugao huts(and 2 Kalinga Houses.

Once you enter the village,  you will be welcome with Art Exhibits. What makes them stand out, is the paintings are actually engraved and there are hidden images in every art. See the pictures below and see it for yourself!

 The slogan that you can see at the entrance.Entrance fee is: Php50

Photo Credit: Artist at Tam-Awan Village

You think this is just a regular art paint? Well, you're wrong! When you touch the actual painting you feel that it is actually engraved! How astonishing! And see the hidden image :-)

 Photo Credit to the Artist

One of the paintings at the Art Gallery. See the hidden image? That piece of art actually shows the Ifugao Rice Terraces.

Manny Pacquiao, (Pambansang Kamao), is a Famous Filipino Boxer and is renowned in the boxing industry around the world. The art at my back is actually engraved! See how intricate this is!

Artist in action! You can have yourself a painting/self portrait done by an artist! Love it!

 Cafe at Tam-Awan Village

One of the Kalinga House. Luccong House. This house is actually for rent! A visitor can rent this for a night and they could sleep in here. Cool right! Personal experience on living inside this Luccong House.

Kalinga House was said to be more spacious than the Ifugao Houses. 

Ifugao Houses..

 The stairs going to the Garden in the Sky!

 Green green green!!!This the path going to the top (Garden in the Sky)

 Pine tree!!

 Top View from the Tam-Awan Village.

 This is at the top of the Tam-Awan Village. Some visitors would not attempt to reach this place but we did it!And only to find out that this is what they are referring to as "Garden in the Sky". We expected too much but the experience is worth it.

Come and visit Baguio City! Its more fun in the Philippines!


There are several bus terminals in Metro Manila, but ours was Victory Liners in Cubao, Pasay, Monumento Bus Terminals.Paid around Php500 pesos and up for bus fare.  It will take you about 6- 7 hours of travel from Manila to Baguio depending on the weather and bus stops. You may also take with you you're private car. Don't know exactly the travel hours .If you are a commuter, taxi in Baguio is convenient and you can just ask them to take you to your destination as if they were your tour guide.

Lots of hotels are available in Baguio for accomodation. If you and you're friends are in a budget, you can also inquire about the transient houses. As for us, we stayed at Eurotel Baguio and another hotel near the Burnham Park( Can't remember the hotel name).

Be sure to bring jackets with you when you are in Baguio, wear comfortable shoes and camera too!

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