Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beauty: MAC Brow Gel in Girl Boy

 A brush-on gel that strokes brows into shape. Adds shine and style. No flaking or stiffening. Tinted or clear. Also grooms lashes, sideburns and facial hair.-MAC Website

MAC Brow Gel in Girl Boy is definitely my HG Product! This has been a favorite by many of the local celebrities in grooming their brows. Brow gel is a product used to color the brows without permanent hair color. Girl boy is of the lightest brown shade which compliments the color of my hair at the present.

This bottle lasts me for about a year given that I use this daily in grooming my brows. This literally makes the brow hairs in place and thus created a more groomed look. 

How to use this? 

The make-up artist from MAC advised me to get the MAC Shadow in Carbon to fill in the gaps of my brows. MAC Lingering for putting the lines and then last the MAC Brow Gel to apply on the brow hair.

There are other shades available, beguile. clear, show-off and clear.  You can buy this at any MAC Branch at php 1,000.

Here's a picture of me wearing the MAC Brow Gel in Girl Boy.

Till our next beauty session!

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