Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beauty: Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Bronzing Powder

Another beauty discovery, Prestige's Skin Loving Minerals Bronzing powder in Sunbaked! If you are an avid reader of my blog, you already know that I love anything that is mineralized! I love MAC MSF's but somehow I can't collect all of them because it is way too pricey for me! My very first purchase of MAC MSF is the MSF Natural, which is a face powder and I do love this product.

Well, getting back to this cute product, I love how this Prestige Mineral Bronzing powder looks good in the pan. It is a melange of brown, white and dark brown powder with shimmers. As soon as I take my eyes on this product inside beauty bar, I absolutely fell in love with it! This will really look good especially for those woman who have beautiful tan and want to achieve that glow from within aura. I also thought that this will really look good on my friend who wants to re-create that Kim Kardashian Wedding look on her own wedding!

Side View
So as for my review, here are my verdict:

  • It is shimmery which I do love
  • It is baked so it will last a long time
  • It is not chalky or powdery
  • It glides beautifully on the skin once applied
  • The shade is not too muddy, just the right gold sheen to it
  • Not as pricey as those of MAC's MSF
  • If you put too much of it, this might look too shimmery (not for those who have big pores on the cheeks)
  • No mirrors for touch-ups
  • The casing for me is not classy (that is as for my reference)
  • The staying power is quite good but not comparable to MAC MSF's staying power.
  • Nothing else :-)

Go ahead Ladies! I've been eyeing on getting the MAC Warm Soul before I purchase this but since I'm a girl who loves shimmers, this is way better than the warm soul. Although Warm Soul is a good product, I prefer the size of Prestige more.  I think this will last me a long time and is useful for my make-up gigs!

Where to buy?
At beauty bar

Php 775

Till our next beauty session!!!   

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