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TRAVELS: Baguio, Philippines

The City of Baguio is located at the Northern Luzon Island in the Philippines. It is the Summer capital of the Philippines because of its altitude, cold weather is all over the place whereas other parts of the country were in heat during summer season. February is the month for its annual Panagbenga Festival (Flower Festival) where locals decorated their floats with fresh flowers and locals wear flower-inspired costumes while performing street dancing. Thus. February is one the busiest months in Baguio since tourists are packed and it is a month-long celebration.

Baguio is filled with tourist attractions such as the Mines Views, Camp John Hay, Wright Park,  Botanical Garden, Teacher's Camp, The Mansion, Tam-awan Village, Strawberry Farm, Burnham Park, Baguio Cathedral etc..Taxi and Jeepneys are are among the main form of transportation within Baguio but most of the time, taxi is preferred by tourists since it is the easiest way for commuters who are not familiar with the place. So I suggest that a private vehicle is more convenient if you want to explore Baguio.

My first time in Baguio was during its Panagbenga Festival and it wasn't that easy to roam around since the place was jam-packed with tourists! Literally speaking. Nevertheless, me and my friends still managed to explore the city.

So here are some of the pictures we took when we were in Baguio!

A view of the Cordillera Mountains from Mines View Park

The Mansion

The Baguio Cathedral

Burnham Park Activity Area

 Just one of the many floats in Panagbenga Festival

Street dancing with flower-inspired Costumes

 Dancing Fairies...

Artistic Floats...

 Come and visit Baguio City! Its more fun in the Philippines!


There are several bus terminals in Metro Manila, but ours was Victory Liners in Cubao, Pasay, Monumento Bus Terminals.Paid around Php500 pesos and up for bus fare.  It will take you about 6- 7 hours of travel from Manila to Baguio depending on the weather and bus stops. You may also take with you you're private car. Don't know exactly the travel hours .If you are a commuter, taxi in Baguio is convenient and you can just ask them to take you to your destination as if they were your tour guide.

Lots of hotels are available in Baguio for accomodation. If you and you're friends are in a budget, you can also inquire about the transient houses. As for us, we stayed at Eurotel Baguio and another hotel near the Burnham Park( Can't remember the hotel name).

Be sure to bring jackets with you when you are in Baguio, wear comfortable shoes and camera too!

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