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TRAVELS: Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Paoay Church is a Catholic Church situated in the Municipality of Paoay, Ilocos Norte. It is also known as San Agustin Church.This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its Earthquake Baroque architecture. From a far, the facade is picture perfect because of it baroque, Gothic and oriental designs. A bell tower also stands at the right side of the church.

Clearly, Philippines was blessed with its churches that withstand different forces of nature and has historical significance. Paoay Church is just one of them, and it is something that shows how truly our country is full of historical advantage.

Paoay Church, UNESCO World Heritage Site


A Combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental Design of the Church

 This is what you can see outside the church. Spacious Garden. 

Something that you can read to know the history behind the Paoay Church.

 Come and visit Ilocos Norte! It's More Fun in the Philippines!

HOW TO GET TO Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte?

 Well as for us, we technically had a tour guide from Ilocos, who you can also contact when you want to take a visit in Ilocos and Ilocos Norte. We were like 8 in a group and all in all, we paid Php10,000 - Php 12,000(Philippine Peso)(Forgot the exact price) for 2 days tour around Ilocos. If you want his contact details, Kuya Marlon please drop an email or leave a comment below..

 We rode Florida Bus (Espanya) going to Ilocos. It takes us about 6-8 hours..But definitely, all was worth it.

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